Display Box With Double Walls

Display box with double walls is a type of box style belonging to the family of showcase exhibit style packaging. This type of packaging is an efficient mode of wrapping up any type of product. Accord...View more
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Display box with double walls is a type of box style belonging to the family of showcase exhibit style packaging. This type of packaging is an efficient mode of wrapping up any type of product. According to its name, it offers a display to the product from lid. Its lid is pre-glued to it. It is intended to keep in numerous products. Due to the wide range of the products that can be packaged in Display box, this box can be a wise choice for most of the onlookers of smart ways of packaging for their products. When there is a brief or quite a lot exposure to the product you are going to buy, you may be able to decide more wisely to purchase that certain product as with showcase exhibition of the product, you become capable to know about the quality of the material with which the product is being manufactured.

Main Characteristics of Display Box with Double Walls

If you want fast marketing of your products then you should choose a display box with double walls. Whether you want them for a single product or are housing a collection, it is the best choice. The box is spacious enough to accommodate more than one product. The double walls are supportive enough to place any type of product. The cover lid adds to their capacity for housing items you want to market fast. The cover lid is easy to fold and tuck back. However it depends upon your needs and specific requirements. Moreover, you do not need any adhesives for added support as the structure is itself supportive enough. Foot locks make it more secure and stable to place on countertops and near the sales department. The main purpose is to bring it into the view of all the customers that come there to pay bills. That way they notice the items on display in the box.

  1. It is durable and provide safety to the product kept inside.
  2. It allows a required display to the product kept inside which can be a positive way to enhance the sale of the products.
  3. It allows more than one type of products to be placed inside.

Innovative Styles and Finishing to Boost the Display

These boxes are all about grabbing the attention of the target audience and potential customers. For that, you need boxes that are not only innovative in style but also aesthetically approvable. Especially in the retail industry, these must-have solutions can skyrocket your sales. On the other hand, these are also lightweight and handy. It means that you can easily place them anywhere you think is best suitable for the attention of consumers. Though these are easy to customize most of the time it depends upon your choice and intent. We make these boxes from top-quality cardboard that is easy to customize and innovate in various styles. All that will help your brand stand alone in the crowd of similar items for display at the counters. Printing on the lid and sides of the box will also be helpful for the customers to know more about your products. As a result, you get eye-grabbing boxes that will draw in more consumers.

Easy Assembly to Display with Style in Complete View

Many box styles allow the customers to see what is inside but none is comparable to the double-walled display boxes with lids. The open top allows customers to get a full view of the inside items. No matter what you put in their candles, food items, cosmetics, soaps, or any other products the result will not disappoint you. In addition, it also helps you grab the complete attention of your consumers. The lid will not block the view as it is folded and locked, however, you can open it in time of need. In that case, the lid has various product specifications and descriptions on it. Thus acting as a marketing stunt. We produce all our orders for display keeping in mind these marketing aspects. It solely depends upon you how you use them to boost your sales and product display.


Available in all custom sizes


CMYK, PMS, Foiling, Spot UV, Embossing, Plastic Window.


10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Kraft, Eco Friendly, E-flute.


Starts from 100 boxes.




Die cutting, pasting, perforation.


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