What makes custom sleeve boxes different?

What makes custom sleeve boxes different?

2020-04-08 10:48:03

There are several styles of packaging boxes available for the retail industry. Each style has its own features and offers different advantages. Some of the packaging solutions provide safety and some of these are user-friendly. The choice mostly depends on your product and packaging needs. One of the most unique styles of custom packaging is sleeve boxes.

Custom sleeve packaging boxes offer unique features and come in different styles. They provide you an opportunity for product marketing and brand advertisement. It is worth investing in a unique packaging solution. Let's have a look at the short guide on custom sleeve packaging.

Features of sleeve packaging boxes

Custom sleeves are different as compared to other custom boxes. They allow for easy customization and printing.  It provides you a complete solution for all products even for clothing and soap products. Moreover, it is an economical solution when compared to other custom boxes. Here are some of the benefits of using sleeve packaging.

An opportunity to advertise your brand

Sleeve packaging boxes already make you prominent among the crowd. You can avail of the opportunity to advertise your brand and free product marketing with the help of unique sleeve packaging. Lace your logo on the top of the sleeve and make your brand talk of the town.

Make a lasting impact on customers

With custom sleeve packaging boxes, you can make a lasting impact on the customers. The unique styles will make you stand out on the shelves. With customization and personalization, you can make your product packaging more effective. We suggest you take a simple approach and opt for a minimal approach.

Available in different materials

You can get the sleeve packaging boxes different materials, whether it is cardboard, corrugated, paperboard, or Kraft. It makes the packaging a diverse solution. Each product has its own needs regarding protection. So, you can get the boxes in any material of your choice. All the materials are durable and sturdy in nature.

Provide safe storage and enclosure

The best thing about sleeve packaging boxes is it provides a safe enclosure. First of all, the material of these boxes is durable and sturdy which ensures product protection during storage and shipping. You can easily rely on these boxes for white soap packaging. The upper part of the boxes holds the product in one place and doesn't allow for banging around.

Provides enough space for printing information

With custom printed sleeve packaging, you will have enough space to print the product information. You can use the top, sides, and bottom of the boxes. But don't make your packaging too wordy. Make use of the logo, images, graphics, symbols, and other elements. It will help you to make product features more prominent and to make your customers come for repeat purchases.

Different types of sleeve packaging boxes

Not only the custom packaging sleeves offer unique features but it also comes in different styles and sizes. You can use the boxes for a lot of items. Whether it is clothing or bakery products, sleeve packaging has the ultimate solution for all.  Here are some of the types of sleeve packaging boxes you can get for your products.

Sleeve apparel boxes

The custom sleeve box provides the perfect packaging for clothing. You can pack ties, socks, and even shirts into these boxes. It will enhance the appeal of the product and make it more valuable.  You can also pack more than one item in large boxes. You can get the sleeve boxes wholesale in desired print and colors to suit your brand.

Custom sleeve die-cut boxes

When it comes to efficient and beautiful packaging, there is no better option other than custom sleeve die-cut boxes. These boxes are available in different designs and shapes to maximize the attention. It fulfills your need for customized packaging which is not possible with standard style boxes. Precise cuts and perfect shapes are the signs of high-quality sleeve die-cut boxes.

Kraft sleeve packaging boxes

Kraft is becoming popular in the packaging industry due to its full recyclability feature and it also comes at an economical price. The most amazing thing is that you can get sleeve packaging in Kraft. Whether you want a plain white Kraft box or want to personalize it, the packaging allows for both. Kraft sleeve boxes are suitable for small items like stationery or jewelry.

Half sleeve packaging boxes

Half sleeve boxes are the new trend to follow. You can add variety to the sleeve part instead of just printing it. Half sleeve box is a perfect packaging solution when you want to reveal your product a little. You can adjust the sleeve at the center of the product or the tray. You can cover the rest with plastic or shrink wrap.

Sleeve box for macaroons

Sleeve packaging boxes can provide you a complete solution for small bakery items. You can use custom cardboard inserts to make partitions in the box. It will allow you to store multiple items in a single box. Customize the box with a small plastic window at the center of the sleeve to add transparency. So, customers can get a small sneak peek of the product.

If you want to have premium sleeve containers for soap packaging, choose professional services. Make sure that all the boxes are of high-quality and should have perfect printing. You can't take a chance with your packaging and ends up messing your product.

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