Top Perks of Spot UV Coating for Custom Wholesale Boxes?

Top Perks of Spot UV Coating for Custom Wholesale Boxes?

2021-06-07 08:00:34

You must have heard about various finishing techniques like spot UV coating, printing, etc. These are the techniques used to enhance the look of your packaging solution. However, only an expert can decide which technique shall be used on what occasion. In this short write up we would introduce you to various angles of spot UV coating and finishing. Especially when it comes to the printing of Custom Wholesale Boxes. Understand this write up you will have to take a closer look with deep concentration you cannot afford to miss a single point. We are quite sure that at the end of this blog post you will be quite clear about the idea of various finishing techniques and how to use them.

To understand the above description first, you have to get a clear idea about spot UV and how it works. Let us explain it with an example.

The Basic Concept of Spot UV for Wholesale Boxes

In simple terms, it is a coating technique that gives a high gloss to your product packaging. To elaborate more technically it is the ultraviolet varnish used with various textures at targeted sports. It in turn adds a protective layer to your packaging solution.

It gives rise to a vibrant look that is essential for the aesthetics of certain items. For instance, clothing and perfumes or other such items must have that sort of finishing touch. It will add to their consumer circle. All that effort helps your product stand out in the crowd of similar items. The main reason for using this technique is to enhance the Cyan Magenta and related color schemes for custom packaging supplies. Due to the ultraviolet spotting, all these colors and their blends draw more attention from the target audience. No need to mention this unique finishing touch will make your logo more enhanced and glossy. Thus branding your product becomes more than easy. It can be further elaborated as follows.

Other Spot UV Techniques for Custom Mask Boxes

The ultraviolet spot technique is not the only one to make your packaging solution prominent. There are other ways to do it and are also good in this regard. Blind spot UV is on the top of the list. It is usually best when we have to treat darker colored Custom Mask Boxes. That will also get you cheaper outcomes.

It has a different design approach that gives your product packaging a more unique touch. However, the remaining effect is the same, especially for high gloss ultraviolet spotting. The Mask applied to the logo or text perfectly matches its size for product boxes wholesale. It is then pressed for a more crystal clear effect. Thus you get it in a specific area of your desired location. It will attract your prospective customers if the light arrangement insufficient in the display store. You can get further guidance from your design and layout expert on how to make it more effective.

Advantages of Ultraviolet Spot Printing for Product Packaging

There are numerous top-notch factors for thinking about the above techniques. To be frank, these have become an essential part of modern wholesale packaging and printing. Of course, we cannot discuss all advantages here, however, the most significant ones are as follows:

  • UV coating supplies an unbelievable sparkle to your company logo and branding information.
  • It makes your packaging solution much more appealing and also eye-catching adding an allure to it.
  • When light reflects on it, a unique touch of elegance becomes a part of your customized packaging solution.
  • When it comes to clarity and readability, many manufacturers would not compromise on it. UV spot printing is the best choice in this regard too. Whether it is retail or custom wholesale boxes, it will bestow a splendid appearance on it.
  • It is also a long-lasting printing option as it will not fade with time and will remain prominent for long.
  • You can use it for a vast range of items.

When to Avoid Spot UV Finish?

With all the above advantageous aspects, surface UV covering is something you will certainly enjoy taking into consideration for your wholesale product packaging. However, we may tell you that not always will suit you. Not all products are suitable for that choice. For instance, slim packaging solutions would not be good with that sort of packaging.

To be more precise it will not be most suitable for box printing with details. Shapes, designs, and logos with thin lines and fine alignment shall always be tried another way. 1mm or thinner lines are never for the custom wholesale boxes Spot UV finish touch.

Branding Boost for Custom Sanitizer Boxes

Like all other items the sanitizers and masks also need branding. Especially at the times of Pandemic, we all have noted that these items have become an essential part of our daily life. Many manufacturers are producing these items for the safety of people around the globe. COVID-19 spread has increased their need more than ever. Like other product packaging solutions, Custom Sanitizer Boxes also require a brand boost. Let us tell you how UV spot finishing can help you in this regard.

The most important thing in medical items is product labeling. If it is not prominent and well demonstrated, then it might not fulfill the purpose. As we have seen in the above discussion, Ultraviolet spot finishing guarantees that aspect of packaging solutions in the best possible manner. You can further make it unique with various precautionary measures printed on the side of the box.

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