Mask Boxes: How to design one?

Mask Boxes: How to design one?

2020-08-05 12:10:06

In recent months, one thing which becomes the need of every other person in the world is the face masks. The demand for face masks has increased unbelievably as the coronavirus continues to spread in almost all countries of the world.  Apart from the COVID-19, health experts recommend wearing a face mask when going out as it acts as a blockade to stop the various diseases. Recently, the huge demand for face masks has caused a shortage in the market, but soon brands made an adequate supply of masks possible. Brands are not only making efforts to provide quality and on-time delivery to the customers, but they are also working on designing effective Mask Boxes.

Packaging design is an important process of product development and brands should take it seriously. When we talk about the packaging to hold the surgical masks, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Since the spread of coronavirus, almost all the medical companies have started to produce the masks which have increased the competition in the market. That's why brands need to present the mask boxes on the shelves in an appealing manner to catch customer attention. Customers are very conscious about the brand and the products they purchase even if it is a simple box.

Here are some points to ponder for the designing of mask boxes.

Protection should be your top priority

Surgical face mask protects you from getting infected due to the germs in the air. The one who protects you from a lot of diseases also needs durable packaging solution. Pharmaceutical companies should keep the protection factor in mind while designing the mask packaging boxes. The material should be sturdy enough which prevents any environmental factor to affect the inside product. Due to the spread of coronavirus, people are becoming more conscious about hygiene and are not ready to compromise over it. So, brands need to make sure that the product should remain intact form when reached to the customers.

Customize it for the customers

Whether it is a lipstick box or a simple mask box, every packaging needs customization and personalization to get the attention of the customers. First of all, the incorporation of your company logo is more than important to let customers know about your brand for future purchases. Secondly, the use of images is important to provide a hint of the inside product. If you don't want to use images of the product, adding a little transparency will help.  Printing product name and all the necessary information about the product is crucial. You should also include how to use the mask and all the necessary precautions.

Work on the outside and inside packaging

While designing the mask packaging boxes, both inside and outside of the box matters. Customizing the outer side of the box is crucial to attracting customers but working on inside of the box is also important to keep the product protected from any risk. You cannot put the mask into a simple without any inner packaging layers. Use plastic bags or medical bags to hold the product before enclosing them into the box. It will keep the masks getting infected with water, heat, air, and any other factor which can arise question on your product credibility.

Showcase your brand to build a unique identity

No matter how well you have designed the packaging boxes if it has no brand logo or identity on it, customers will not consider it buying. People prefer banded products over local products due to quality assurance. So, it is important to make your brand part of the mask packaging boxes to build a unique identity in the market. It will also make it easy for customers to identify your product for future purchases. Incorporating the brand logo and name will set your product apart from the rest. If you want, you can also incorporate other brand elements in the packaging design to maintain consistency.

Incorporate all the necessary information

We have talked about adding the product name and brand elements in the mask box packaging design but don't forget to provide the precise and necessary information regarding your products. Sometimes people get infected from using certain products because their packaging doesn’t provide all the information and precautions needed. You need to think about your customers to gain their loyalty and trust.  Mention all the elements used in the manufacturing of the product, what is its uses, and what precautions one should take while using the product.

Being sustainable is important

The increased use of the mask has raised serious concerns about the environmental pollution caused by it. As a pharmaceutical company, you can play your part in reducing the waste by opting for sustainable packaging boxes. Your prime responsibility is that the boxes are not recyclable but also reusable. Try to use fully recyclable material for the manufacturing of the boxes. It will not only good for the environment but also help to cut the cost in the long run. Encourage your customers to reuse the boxes and throw them into a recycle bin for proper disposal of the packaging.

The increased demand for face masks provides a business opportunity for the brands to draw more customers and increase sales. Well-designed masks and Sanitizer Boxes can help to build brand identity by making the right impression on customers.

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