Creative Mask Boxes Designs That Increase Value

Creative Mask Boxes Designs That Increase Value

2020-08-27 07:45:07

Like every other industry, there is a lot of importance of packaging in the medical as well. The reason being that a large number of medical products are quite delicate, due to which they need extra protection. Apart from that, one other important reason is that you need to protect the contents i-e the medical items from external contaminants as well. Therefore, extra layers of protection are inserted. One very important item, that has recently become a very fast selling and popular product, due to the pandemic situation in the whole world are Mask Boxes. So like various other products, there are a number of considerations that you need to give to this medical item as well.

How to make your surgical masks different

As explained above, the need for surgical mask in the modern world is paramount. Therefore, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of packaging as well. There are a number of reasons why that is so important if you want your business to succeed. Here are some of the ways in which you can make the cartons of your surgical masks different from others, and why you need to do that.

Fashion trend

Due to the importance of surgical masks, they have rather become a fashion trend. This has been introduced as a trend in order to increase awareness, as well as to promote the use of masks, so that less and less people are exposed to the pandemic, in order to decrease the burden on the hospitals. Due to the uncontrollable spread of this virus, the whole world had to go under lockdown for major part of the year 2020. Therefore, in order to get the attention of the customers, you not only need to present your surgical masks to them as a medical instrument, but also as a fashion trend. You can do that with impressive brand logos on the packaging as well as on the masks as well. In this way, people will stop looking at them as a medical accessory, but as a fashion trend as well.

Brand promotion

This will be the first time in the history that you can use the box in which you send out your surgical masks as a means of brand promotion. The reason for that is everyone is using it. From young ones to teenagers, and from adults to the elderly, no person can stay safe without using a face mask. Therefore, you need to target everyone. You can use impressive brand logos, unique fonts and attractive colors to make the box attractive for everyone. Now the production of surgical masks is not limited to only the companies that produce medical equipment. But it is being produced by various garments and clothing producers as well. Therefore, with the help of the container of your masks, you can get a chance to promote your brand as well. You can give a personalized message written on the container about how you are also going through difficult time like everyone else, and want to play your prat in these difficult times.

Customization options

People nowadays are buying masks in bulk quantities. That is because most masks are disposable, and also because it is not being bought only for the person, but for the whole family as well. Therefore, if you want to impress more customers and make loyal and long term customers, now is the time to tap into your creative side. You know that the customers are going to take the packaging to their homes as well. So you should give due consideration not only to make durable masks only, but also making durable and strong box for the masks as well. Not only that, you can also incorporate various designs like flip top or slit on the bottom for taking out the masks easily. You can also use various textures and coating on your face mask dispensers as well so that they give a premium feel when the customer handles it. You can also make use of various other options like display shippers, handle on top boxes and numerous others. There are a number of professional companies online that can help you with the customization ideas as well.


In the current situation, the basic necessity that the carton of your face mask needs to fulfil is to provide full and complete protection to the masks that are inside it. You do not need to fulfil it only, but also guarantee it to the customer as well. That is the only way you can be successful. Because if the customer has even a little doubt that the mask has been exposed to the virus during shipping or while on retailer shelves, then that defeats the whole purpose of using it for protection against the virus. Therefore, in order to prove that to your customer, you can add extra layers of protection. Various manufacturers already use extra layer of protection for N95 masks. You can also add an extra layer on the box as well, which will guarantee that the mask or the box have not been exposed.


This is a tough time for everyone. Not only the manufactures and businessmen, but everyone is suffering due to the pandemic. Therefore, you need to be sensitive about the marketing content that you put on your boxes as well. You want to convey a message of unity and positivity to the customers. This is not important only for mask producers, but various other items as well that are being used for protection against the virus like Sanitizer Boxes, soap boxes and glove boxes as well.

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