Handsfree Packaging Boxes

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Enhance Your Impact with Fully Protective Handsfree Boxes

When we talk about the mobile phone accessories market the most important aspect is protection. These items need it because of their sensitive nature and random transits. Even when discussing the display of Handsfree boxes, you must keep them safe from dust and other external factors. At Custom Packaging Pro, we make sure that none of these aspects is missing. Second comes the design and layout. The images and specifications shall be crystal clear and visible even from a distance. It will add to the value of your product display as it will catch the eye of the target audience. Buyers usually see the details on the packaging first and then buy the accessory. If these do not match the item inside there will be a very bad impact. Our designers and layout experts make sure that none of it happens.

Especially Designed Handsfree Packaging Boxes with Vast Stock Options

Now comes the stage of box style and stock solutions. Both these would decide how your Handsfree packaging boxes look in comparison to your competitors. Of course, your item will get a display in retail racks parallel to similar products. What makes it unique is the box style and the stock. In case, any of these is not up to the mark, there will be no or very little impression. To save you from that embarrassment we have all the major design and stock solutions under a single roof. You just have to place the order with your desired specifications and it will be our headache. You can either try the traditional hang tab box style with reverse, straight tuck end auto lock, and 1-2-3 bottom. Also, with a transparent window or some other unique design. The same stands for stock that falls from cardboard to Kraft and SBS Paperboard.

Custom Handsfree Boxes with Unique Designs and Patterns

As mentioned previously the traditional style for Custom handsfree boxes is the hang tab style with a window. However many high-class brands prefer unique packaging. These are specially designed boxes that can come in any format or personalized design. Like a box with a hinged lid or two pieces etc. whatever is the case, you can trust us with the design and format of your preferred style. You can even order these in rigid stock for a costly hands-free range. The same stands for the add-ons and embellishments. We have almost all sorts of finishing that will make your solution one of a kind. The biggest perk of these added qualities is that they would help you attract more customers. Second, these help your products stand alone in the competition. With our affordable costs, none of these will put a burden on your wallet.

Cutting Edge Printing to Enhance Your Handsfree Boxes Wholesale

After all the design and layout steps are complete what makes our Handsfree boxes wholesale one of their kind is no other than the top-notch printing. Aside from the product specifications, many different aspects like branding depend upon it. Your company logo is on the top. If the print quality is not good enough and sharp it will impact the overall quality of your packaging. We make sure that your design does not lose its quality due to these aspects. That is the reason we pay special focus to it. Most of the time we use digital printing for that purpose. Even if you want some sort of printing on the inside of the packaging we will do it for you. In short, we have numerous options that would make your solution one of a kind and according to your expectations.