Custom Printed Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

Custom printed hair extension packaging boxes wholesale provide the perfect solution for hair extension packaging. These boxes have an aesthetic appeal which increases its attraction. Hair extension b...View more
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Why Choose Custom Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale for Showcasing?

If you own a cosmetic brand, you must think about the packaging of cosmetic products The purpose of the cosmetic packaging is to preserve the product from any risk. It enhances the visual appeal of the product and increases customer interest. Hair extensions are the cosmetic items that need unique packaging. It adds volume to our hair and increases their length. Hair extensions are fragile items that need protection from any damage. They need packaging which not only enhances its beauty but should also be strong and durable.  So, cosmetic brands should opt for custom hair extensions boxes.

Custom Hair Extension Boxes Will Remain Durable and Sustainable

Custom hair extension boxes are of strong and durable material. Custom cardboard hair extension boxes, corrugated boxes or Kraft boxes are the top choices of designers for hair extension packaging. The mentioned materials are readily available and also cost-effective. You can also get the boxes in the material of your choice. Custom hair extension boxes wholesale protect the inside product from any mishap. These boxes keep the hair extension safe during the stacking and shipping process. Apart from durability, hair extension boxes are also recyclable and reusable. Custom hair extension boxes wholesale meet the requirement of sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Differentiate Your Brands with Unique Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

Your custom hair extension boxes wholesale provides the opportunity to stand out in the crowd. You can differentiate your packaging by using different colors, patterns, brand elements, and design elements. Hair extensions boxes are also available with different die-cuts and plastic windows thus you can have Custom hair extension boxes in your own way to be distinctive. Branding elements like logo, name, a tagline or a simple slogan can set you apart from the competition. Use the color of your logo or brand which helps to create a unique brand identity. Another way to differentiate is to use a unique style of custom hair extension boxes.

Custom Printed Hair Extensions Boxes Become Extensible and Practical

Custom hair extension packaging is extensible. Don’t make your design complicated or complex. It will help you to introduce a new product line without making big changes to the design. Go for a unique but simple design so you can change it according to your product. You can change the design without touching the visual appeal of the box. Custom hair extension boxes wholesale are practical and functional. These boxes can be made according to the dimensions of the product. It makes the boxes easy to carry, use and store. You will get more sales with a practical and functional hair extension packaging.

Hair Extension Boxes Incorporate Simple and Clean Designs

Customers don’t like the design which is complex or hard to understand. Packaging should be simple and easy to understand.  Complicated packaging cannot convey your message well. You cannot miss the chance to draw more customers with not so well-designed packaging. Always keep the design simple and clean. Custom hair extension boxes wholesale are simple and clean. It helps you to communicate with customers in an efficient way. Choose natural colors, simple design, and fonts. Don't make the information on the boxes hard to read. Your hair extension packaging should give the answer of all questions in no time.

Use Custom Hair Extension Boxes with Logo for Brand Promotion

A well-designed packaging should serve the purpose of brand promotion. Custom hair extension boxes with logo help brands to build their unique identity. Customers usually buy cosmetic products from a known brand. If your logo or brand name will be missing from the packaging box, you can miss a lot. Custom hair extension boxes wholesale also play an important role in marketing. Unique packaging will draw more attention and advertise your product. Advertising with custom hair extension boxes will cost you nothing. Make your brand first choice of customers by providing them a memorable experience.

Add Different Styles in Making Hair Extension Boxes

From the sleeve-shaped to the top lid to hangable boxes, different styles are available for custom hair extension boxes wholesale. These boxes come in a variety of styles that showcase the extension in a graceful manner. Hair extension boxes with windows also provide a glimpse of the product to customers. The unique style of hair extension boxes adds innovation and novelty to the packaging. Don't opt for one style of boxes. Different customers have different requirements and most of them follow the on-trend things in the cosmetic market. So, introduce more than the style of box for hair extension packaging USA.

Get Personalized Custom Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale with Premium Quality

Custom packaging offers you great discounts and free shipping on custom hair extension boxes wholesale. You can choose from a wide range of color, style, and design of the boxes. Our hair extension boxes are made of high-quality material which ensures maximum protection We offer high-quality hair extension boxes with free design support and minimum order quantity. Call us at  (281) 393-8119 or email at  to book your order now.


Available in all custom sizes

Printing & Add On

CMYK, PMS, Foiling, Spot UV, Embossing, Plastic Window.


10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Kraft, Eco Friendly, E-flute.Mini

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Starts from 100 boxes.




Die cutting, pasting, perforation.

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Free Digital Proof With 2D & 3D view.


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