Your New Year's Resolution to Increase Sales

Your New Year's Resolution to Increase Sales

2019-12-26 12:12:59

As the New Year approaches, the shopping season comes to a full swing. It is an opportunity for many businesses to cash in their products from soaps and cloths to bakery products. As the demands for products increase, so does the packaging items like lip balms boxes; other kinds of packaging demand in the market shoots up with it. It is pretty much everything that signals the growth of a business.

The way to move on with growth is multifold, as described in the following.

Acquire Discipline

Sales is the specialization of business that has made more millionaires than any other modern field. When you study highly successful sales professionals and the mediocre ones, you will find that the critical difference is discipline. Discipline and persistence is the key to success for a salesman.

  • Discipline allows you to provide better services and products than your competitors. The idea is to exceed the expectations of your competitors.
  • To test your limits of doing work, you can stretch yourself to attend another networking event.  Discipline yourself to schedule an extra hour every day to more business development as the New Year approaches and make it a habit.
  • It would help if you created a disciplined routine to record and document the complains you receive and arrange responses to deal with clients and customers effectively and efficiently.
  • Practice your presentations to one more time before you close a sale or meet a prospect. It also demands discipline.

Discipline is the key to obtain riches from meritocracy and to obtain success after multiple failures. You need to add this to your new year's resolution.

Convert Testimonials into Cold Calling

A great way to initiate a cold calling conversation is to extract insights from testimonials. When you are talking to prospects from a particular industry such as packaging. You have to make mention previous feedback you have taken from your client and associate it in the cold calling conversation. It will allow making a more profound impact in the mind of your lead that you understand what they need.

Know Your Clients

One most important strategy to enhance your sales efforts is to know your customers more than they know themselves. You always have to target high quality customers. If you are a B2C business, it might be highly likely than your customers may be doctors, lawyers, chiropractors, dentists, financial consultants living in expensive neighborhoods with the kind sphere of influence that you expect. Just check their addresses in your database and come up with a list of all such clients and target your marketing efforts to them.

Similarly, if you have a B2B business, your best prospects will be big companies that spend money and are highly profitable. Check your database and find out their spending from lasts year, and it would be highly likely that they would be spending the same in the new year. You can leverage your sales by knowing about them and taking action.

Look for Loyal Customers

It can be a colossal mistake to acquire a shotgun approach, which is to sell all your products to everyone. Many companies have products in that niche that almost everyone requires, like cars and computers have become everybody's necessities. But, still do not make the mistake of targeting every customer you can think of, instead go for customers in your marketing campaigns that have spent money by purchasing from you in good or bad times of the economy. Look for loyalty in customers and spend money on them by giving them an incentive and making them distinguished. Giving them better packaging, better services, and good discounts, etc.

New years is the time for you to step up your advertisements and marketing efforts provided that you are willing to invest time and effort in target the loyal segment of your customers by conveying a clear message and measuring the results.

Study Your Products

Understand closely how your products fit or fulfill the needs of your customers. If you find out that most of your buyers are men in the age of 35-45 in the New York area than aggressively market the product to them and make sure to get more sales. It would help if you had a lean and clean eye on who buys your products. Check out does the sales increase as the new year approaches and market the product accordingly.

Networking is the Key

Networking is one of the essential skills that a salesperson can have to enhance his or her career. You should have friends and contacts that can help you out to do the job done. They can help you get more clients and customers and grow your client base effectively. And as it happens, they also help you reach your sales targets. There is an adage in the business world, which is that it is not what you know it is who you know that what matters in business.

As a salesman, never hesitate to reach out to your family, friends, loved ones, and acquaintances to take advantage of opportunities and respond to challenges.  Believe it or not, most successful salespeople are the ones who first reach out and ask for help from their vast network of connections.

Many people think that networking is helpful only in businesses. It is not entirely true; it helps you in your daily life when you have recommendations from your contacts to buy products and services. Even buying small products like lipsticks for yourself or that special someone in beautiful lipstick boxes, the same rule holds, so it is an extra perk from your profession as a salesperson.

As the New Year approaches, you can find these tips useful to grow your business to another level and come up with a plan to have more sales than the year before.

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