Win over the competition with custom lipstick boxes

Win over the competition with custom lipstick boxes

2019-12-13 09:04:32

For all cosmetic items, the packaging is an integral part of selling the product. Lipstick is the most used item among all makeup products. It comes in uniquely designed custom lipstick boxes which attract the customer towards the product. Custom packaging boxes not only houses the product but it is also the main center of attraction. Moreover, it keeps the integrity of the product and protects it from any damage.

Lipstick packaging should be catchy and unique. That’s why most of the brands choose custom printed boxes over plain packaging. While visiting the cosmetic store, you can see that every single cosmetic product is packed in customized packaging. Brands know the importance of custom packaging to win over the competition. It draws more customers and helps to increase sales.

Lipstick is a small item that needs to be packed in a correct sized box. Lipstick increases the face beauty and lipstick boxes should also do the same for it. Packaging not only increases the visual appeal of the box but also provide ease of use. Custom boxes are the perfect choice for the packaging of cosmetics. The reliable material of the boxes provides the protection and also allows for the recyclability.

When it comes to custom lipstick packaging wholesale, you should consider the following factors while designing the boxes.

Choose the right size

Custom lipstick boxes come in different sizes and shapes.  You just have to choose the box that fits your product needs. Size of the box matters a lot. If you put a small lipstick tube in a large box, it will not fit properly. It can increase the risk of damage or breakage. A small box will not only be deformed but can also disappoint customers. The right size box provides easy handling and usage. It keeps you from paying for the void. It will also save your shipping cost.

Protection should be your top priority

The main function of the packaging is to protect your product. Usually, cosmetic shave substances that can react with heat and moisture. It is important to choose the packaging box which is imperative. Lipstick is a fragile item. It can easily lose its beauty due to heat and moisture.

Choose the right material for your lipstick packaging. Cardboard and corrugated are sturdy materials. It will not only keep the lipstick from environmental factors but also provide security during the shipping process. Also, enable your boxes to bear the weight of the product.

Present your brand identity

Package without identity is like a lost star in the sky; nobody can identify it. To stand out in the cosmetic market, you need a brand logo and name. All labeling is necessary that can meet your communication needs. A logo is your identity and you must have to put it on the boxes. It will reveal your identity to customers and make it easy for them to identify your products in the future. Branding also plays a key role in marketing your product.

Convey the luxury

Cosmetic items are luxury items and your lipstick packaging boxes should show off it. For this purpose, you should choose high-quality and unique looking boxes. Choose material that can take printing and design well. Neat print on the boxes will give a sense of quality and professionalism. Embossing, de bossing and foil-stamping can give your boxes the luxurious feel. Customers will surely like it and will be ready to pay extra.

Should be in your budget

Estimating your budget before designing the lipstick boxes is a good move. But there is no guarantee that you will spend the estimated amount. By staying in your budget you can come up with a unique and successful design. But don’t cross your budget in doing something extra. If you are a small brand or a new startup, choose options that lie within your budget. One way to manage your budget is to use recyclable and reusable packaging.

Allow being green

Don’t forget to add a green element in your cosmetic packaging. Recyclability and reusability save your cost. You can encourage the customers to reuse the box and dispose of the boxes at the end. In green packaging, you can reuse the used box again and again to manufacture the new one. It also portrays your image as a responsible brand. Customers will prefer your brand over others.

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