Why use custom printed lip balm boxes?

Why use custom printed lip balm boxes?

2019-12-13 11:04:46

Lip balm is the everyday product which every one of us uses especially in winters. This little product usually comes in custom printed lip balm boxes or in plain packaging. But nowadays the customer wants their products to come in printed packages. It compels the customers and makes them buy the product immediately. Brands put a lot of effort into their products and should also work to design a unique packaging.

The concept of using printed lip balm boxes is to put the logo, brand name, product information, and other elements. Printed packaging offers a lot of benefits as compared to plain boxes. It showoff brand identity, communicate with customers, provide information and do much more.

Here are some of the major benefits of using custom lip balm packaging

Target the audience

Your ideal customers for lip balms will be men and women of all ages. Everyonewants their lips to be soft and chap free. With the help of custom packaging pro, you can come up with a design which is appealing to everyone. Use of colors, patterns, fonts, and graphics will help you to reach to the audience more easily. Customized lip balm boxes will certainly leave a remarkable impression on customers.

Better engagement

Better engagement leads to more sales and revenues. Customers usually spend seconds to examine the packaging. If it interests the customers, they will give the product a chance or move to otheroptions. Printed lip balm boxes will get more attention as compared to plain boxes with logo. These boxes also make customers come for you again.

Act as a marketing tool

You can make use of custom printed lip balm boxes to build your brand and to market your products. Put your logo, taglines or other brand elements on the boxes to stand out. It is a free marketing opportunity as people will instantly recognize your brand for other products as well. With printed packaging, you will not find the need to spend on other expensive marketing channels.


Custom lip balm boxes are cheap and easily available in different materials. You have to spend a little extra on the printing process but it will result in more sales and profits. Li balm packaging is small in size which reduces the material cost. These boxes are light in weight and provide easy carrying. It ensures safe delivery and reduces the risk of returns.  Light-weight boxes also cut your shipping price.

Easy personalization

Printed boxes allow brands to design the lip balm packaging according to their own choice or client requirements. With so many options, you can come up with personalized custom boxes to connect with your customers. Lip balm comes in small boxes but there is enough space to put all design elements. From a simple logo to customized patterns, there are a lot of options available.

Brand retention

Printed packaging boxes are a great way to keep your loyal customers. As a physical product, these boxes remain with the customers for a longer period and create memories. If your lipstick boxes are unique, customers will keep it. It results in higher brand retention as compared to other marketing channels. A constant visual reminder will solidify your brand identity.

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