Why Tray and Sleeve Boxes for Product Packaging?

Why Tray and Sleeve Boxes for Product Packaging?

2020-09-23 08:04:34

Retailers these days are constantly looking for better and better packaging opportunities to help make their products stand out better in the crowd of all kinds of products in the market. The art of leaving an impression on your customers is underestimated by many new kinds of brands. These brands eventually fail to make a mark in the market even if they do manage to survive and sustain their business. Tray and Sleeve Boxes are a new kind of packaging that is making the rounds around the packaging industry. More and more brands are taking on the refined look with these boxes. These not just help to give your product a different kind of look but it also helps your product stand out among the rest in that it gives your customer a luxurious feel when they use the product. These kinds of features about products especially if they are edible or cosmetic do not go unnoticed with customers. Here are some other benefits to these kinds of containers.

Have any kind of artwork on boxes

These kinds of encasements are much better when they are customized with your custom logo or design that helps you to market your product better. You can use customized graphics and text prints to make sure that your products are promoted on the shelves. These kinds of containers are also very diverse so they are used for makeup, food items, jewelry, and much more, they are used for products like watches so that they do not refrain any damages and break apart the different units of the products. These kinds of containers are perfect for luxury, uniqueness, protection, and much more.

Get your preferred printing material

These kinds of product vessels are not limited to one particular kind of material, there are multiple options that you can choose from like the type of packaging you can also select the material that you use to customize your product. You can design your product containers based on the kind of product that you are deciding to design.  A thicker boxing material with a better overall finish can also be used, or you can use something eco-friendly like Kraft containers, this is sure to gain you some extra points with your customers. No matter what kind of material you use, this kind of container will be suitable for all of them.

Plenty of Finishing Options

It doesn’t matter if you want to go for an embossed logo, or glossy or matte lamination, or any other sort of customization, you can go for anything you like with this kind of finishing. These kinds of boxes allow you to employ whatever kind of finishing options according to how you want to brand your product or personalize it to help better implement a brand identity in the market. There are several custom options that you can look at and implement to have a better idea of what you are looking for in your product.

Space for printing product detail

Many companies are not able to properly achieve the designing goals that they’re aiming for because all the necessary details that need to be displayed on your containers ruin the logo and the design of the products. This is a type of box that will allow you to display all the important information and details without ruining the design of the containers. This is because of the increased surface area of the box design. It is important to display certain informative details on your product on the container depending on state demand and the kind of product that you are using.

Lightweight & easy to assemble

Being lightweight is a good quality for shipping and transportation of products. There are many companies that have to invest an extra amount to secure the product during the hustle of the shipment and transportation. The packaging demands of a shipping container are different from that of the retail demands. Boxes with tray and sleeve are ideal for shipping because they secure your product in addition to allowing you to meet the shipping and delivery requirements.

Brand Identity

Establishing a brand identity is one of the most sought-after goals for any new business and introducing any new kind of product design or anything that helps you stand out among the rest is what establishes you as a well-known brand in the market. Brand identity will help your products and brands be more recognizable. If someone were to look at your product anywhere even apart from the local stores, it will help the distinction for people to recognize your product and recall your brand later on. Even if the shopper does not know enough about your product to trust its quality then they will at least be attracted to the aesthetics of your product container.

You can use it for all kinds of products

Another advantage of this kind of product is that it can be used for all kinds of products no matter what size, shape, or type of product. This design and the refined nature of the product can help it be used as Soap Boxes and for gifts and retail items. The beauty of this design is that it will make any kind of product look good and have an overall look of quality. It will make your merchandise look luxurious and refined.

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