Why Pillow Box Packaging is the New Trend?

Why Pillow Box Packaging is the New Trend?

2019-12-12 06:08:08

Brands always want a unique packaging solution which not only attractive but also look exceptional. There are different types of custom boxes and packaging is available in the market. Each box has its own value and provides unlimited benefits. But pillow box packaging is becoming the new trend in the industry.  Custom pillow boxes are unique and help the product to stand out in the crowd.

Custom pillow box packaging is the top choice of brands for many reasons. These boxes are not only innovative in shape but also increase the visual appeal of the product. Pillow packaging is also becoming popular to present gift and other items on different occasions. You can use them as gift packaging or represent wedding favors to your guest. You can personalize the pillow boxes according to the event, your needs, and product requirements. Here are some of the reasons why custom pillow boxes are in trend.


When it comes to custom packaging wholesale brands always want a high-quality and affordable solution for their products. There are many options available but the most affordable among them is custom pillow boxes. The manufacturing process of Kraft paper cost less and you can reuse the old material for new boxes. That’s why a low-scale business like jewelry, candles, soap and perfumes brands opt for Kraft pillow boxes. These boxes are usually small in size and light in weight. It helps you to reduce the shipping cost.


Safety is the main concern of brand and customers for product packaging. If you want to ensure that your product will reach its destination in intact form, custom pillow boxes are a perfect choice. Pillow boxes are made of high-quality material i.e. cardboard or Kraft. These materials are sturdy in nature which ensures the safety of inside content. The resistance against wear and tear makes pillow packaging considerable for delicate items. Custom pillow boxes offer more than just a fancy and unique packaging.

Flexibility and versatility

Custom pillow boxes offer the most diverse packaging solution. These boxes are suitable for a variety of products. There is a misconception that pillow packaging is only meant for small items. You can also pack the big and heavy product in pillow boxes. These boxes are favorite packaging for special events and occasions. If you want to present your gift or to impress your guest on your wedding, opt for custom pillow packaging.

Marketing and promotion

If you do not market your product or brand, you are not going to be successful. There are many ways for brand promotion but the most simple and cheap is product packaging. Custom pillow boxes with logo make your customer know about you and your services. If you opt for pillow packaging then your customers will surely pick it by considering it unique and will get to know about your brand. It is a professional and smart way to market your products.

Customization and personalization

Custom pillow packaging is already unique and attractive but with a little customization, you can turn these boxes into fascinating ones. Pillow boxes are usually available in white and brown color but you can opt for bold colors to attract customers. These boxes have enough space to print your product and brand information.

Easily accessible

The most amazing feature of pillow packaging is that it is easily accessible. Kraft paper used for pillow boxes is quite cheap and readily available. If you want these boxes for gift packaging or on a special occasion, you can buy ready mad pillow boxing with beautiful design and print. Many packaging companies offer pillow packaging in bulks and that too at wholesale.

Custom pillow boxes provide the perfect solution for almost every product. You can even use pillow packaging for your mascara boxes. Custom packaging pro offers a range of high-quality and affordable pillow boxes wholesale.

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