Why Lipstick and Lip Balm Packaging are Special?

Why Lipstick and Lip Balm Packaging are Special?

2020-07-08 12:51:00

Cosmetic products have been nailing the retail market due to their high demand. Makeup items have always been the favorite of young girls and women. Reason behind that is the glamour and fancy outlook it provides to them. Another thing that is admirable for cosmetics is that they are presented in colorful packaging and without this their appeal can be nullified. Due to this, plenty of companies look for high quality customized packaging for their small cosmetic products. Especially products like lip balms, lipsticks and eyelashes which are difficult to get noticed at the retail. Talking about lip cosmetics, lip balm is the highest selling product in the market after lipsticks. Lip Balm Packaging is customized into different shapes and styles to make a positive impact on buyer. Different styles of boxes for lip balms are made from cardboard which makes them look stylish.

Distinct designs of lip balm boxes creates difference

Every manufacturer wants to sell more and more quantity of their lip balms to get maximum profits and this is why they design the packaging accordingly. The dispenser box style is used which allow the manufacturer to showcase multiple lip balm sticks and liquid lip balms. The customers can easily pick one stick from the box and preceding one drops down in the box again. Unique display of lip balms in dispenser style boxes increases the chance of sales for lip balms and also promote the brand. When they are fixed on the retail wall, the printing on the boxes show the brand name and logo to the passing by customers which enhances brand recognition and advertise your product as well.

Custom printed boxes provides product details to buyer

As lip balms are used for dry lips, it is very important to show the customers about the specialty of the product. This is when custom printing comes in, manufacturers show all the details about the products on the packaging boxes which helps them to make their buying decision. Customers who wonder around the cosmetic store to buy a moisturizing lip balm can see the remedy printed on the lip balm box. They would buy it immediately because they know it will solve their problem. This is the reason why plenty of manufacturers get custom printed lip balm boxes instead of getting ready made boxes for their product. Another reason of using printed boxes is the brand advertisement as the logo and company name is important for customers to know especially if you are a new cosmetic brand.

Lipsticks and their spectacular boxes

Same is the case with the lipsticks because the shape of the lipstick resembles to the lip balms. Lipstick is more demanding than lip balms because it beautifies the lips rather than moisturizing them. Almost all the ladies in the United States use lipsticks as it is one of the most important makeup items from the whole range of cosmetics. Lipsticks have range of colors and shades and every women has their own favorite shades of lipsticks that they want to apply to look beautiful. This is the reason that the competition among the companies that manufacture lipsticks is high. To get on top, they take help of the packaging boxes and there are different types for lipstick boxes as well.

Tuck end lipstick boxes

Custom printed lipstick boxes are specially designed with the promotional touch to take the customer attention and to win from the competitors. The tuck end boxes are common to pack lipsticks because they are easy to assemble and can be easily opened and closed. Another advantage of using lipstick boxes with tuck end design is that they are secure and can be used for shipping purposes. They are perfect for storage as well but the only drawback is that they cannot be displayed on the retail counters.

Sleeve boxes for lipsticks

Sleeve and tray boxes are made with rigid material for lipsticks which look really beautiful and adorable. These tray in the sleeve box is made with inserts to keep lipstick in an elegant manner. Mostly the sleeve design box of lipstick is used to keep single piece of lipstick but it can be customized to keep multiple of them. The design is popular for gift packaging and ladies use these boxes to pack lipstick in order to gift their loved ones.

Makeup kit boxes for lip balm and lipsticks

To pack multiple cosmetic products, makeup kit boxes are also made with rigid material which is hard cardboard and is non-bendable. Makeup kits have all the items in them and their boxes have cavities for each product they want to keep inside. For lipsticks and lip balms there are separate places to make things organized and beautiful inside the box. Using this design, cosmetic product manufacturers get the chance to sell products together and with good presentation and luxury box design.

Display boxes are also very common to show multiple shades of lipstick together. Ladies are able to see all of the shades and choose their favorite from them. This is a very common box design for Lipstick Packaging and is used by new and old cosmetic brands. The boxes are good for promotion of brand as well because they have printed logo, catchy images and eye grabbing colors that catches the attention of buyer from afar. Due to these qualities, all the brands customized their display boxes in different sizes for effective lipstick display.

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