Why Kraft Boxes Are the Best Approach for You?

Why Kraft Boxes Are the Best Approach for You?

2021-01-15 08:13:05

With the modernisation of printing techniques, packaging has taken a great leap towards advancement. Using modern tech, boxes can be customised into creative, vibrant and eye catching designs, while different materials can also be used ranging from cardboard to plastic, depending on the requirement of the products. While packaging has innumerable customisable options, each variation comes with its adverse effects. With the alarming increase in global warming and earth’s destruction, more and more people are switching to ‘eco-friendly’ options every day. This means, if you start using eco-friendly materials in your products, millions of people will prefer your products over the other available options. Hence this is a great opportunity for you to boost your sales!

Going Green with Kraft Boxes

Plus, a lot of companies don’t sell eco-products. Consequently, environment enthusiasts are most likely to purchase your product instead of the other considerably harmful options. This alone should be a big enough reason for you to switch to Kraft Boxes! Product packaging isn’t just about catching your customer’s eye! In fact, the type of enclosure you use for your products says a lot about your company’s values, and can be a very important indirect message to customers. This means when designing your boxes, you must consider the mission of your business, and its identity.

However, the factors of material, size, texture, shape, and colour etc. are not the only reason why cosmetics are unpopular among consumers. It is also because of the unsustainable practices, materials, and compounds used in their packaging. So now you ask yourself, what can you do in order to change this conception, and how can you ‘Go Green’ with your packing?

Here are a few approaches you could take:

Reduce Packaging

In order to be more non-polluting, another approach brands can take is by reducing future waste by reducing the present packaging. Most eco-friendly businesses work on reducing there pack which help reduce environmental damage by a greater degree.

That’s not even the best part! If you ponder over it, reducing your packaging means saving money! Who wouldn’t want to reduce their production expenses?

But what does ‘reduced packaging’ imply to? Basically, if you decrease your packaging, you are removing any excessive pack features that are not essential to containment of beauty items. In contrast to this, you could switch entirely to using no extra packages at all!

Switch to More Eco-friendly Materials for Your Cosmetic Boxes

When you think of ‘sustainable packaging’, the first thing that comes to mind is switching to more environmentally friendly packing materials. An example of this could be using PCR packing, Bamboo packing, or paper packing for your Cosmetic Boxes. While there are numerous benefits of using PCR packaging, the biggest one is perhaps the fact that it can be recycled again for further manufacturing uses.

The same applies to bamboo, but additionally bamboo is not only durable, but also much stronger in comparison to traditional wood. On the other hand, if you go for paper as a packing material, it is fully biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

Design for Refill and Reuse

The root cause for environmental problems is human carelessness. The reason why cosmetic brands are at a risk of losing their loyal customers is because they do not understand how to address the plastic pollution issue which results in the wrecking of their image. However, the process of reusing is harder to comprehend and envision when compared to recycling. As a result, most cosmetic companies do not even consider reusing their packing materials.

In order to introduce this concept in people’s daily lives, brands need to find the right cosmetic item, so that they are able to sterilize, refill and return. Such a business model is especially beneficial for companies that produce liquid-based items such as foundations, shower gels, or shampoos.

As surprising as it may seem, pre roll packing has various environmentally friendly options too! If you use recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, or post-consumer recycled pre roll packages, customers are most likely to whole-heartedly support your business and purchase from you! But how can you make pre roll packages sustainable? Here is a list of ways you can make your pre roll packages more non-polluting:

Use Push Packs, or Child Resistant Pre Roll Multipacks

For those businesses that are in search of eco-friendly, sturdy, and durable pre roll packaging, push packs are the perfect choice! You know why? Because push packs are made from paper, unlike other pre roll multipack options. This doesn’t only make it environment friendly, but it also makes it child resistant.

The best part is, you don’t have to worry about your boxes looking dull, because you can customise the printing on your push packs to fit your needs! Push packs are excellent boxes for products such as cigarettes. Since they are durable, strong, and convenient to use, customers can reuse them for months!

What’s beneficial about pre roll snap packs is that they’re made from durable plastic which ensures that the product inside stays safe. What makes them eco-friendly and sustainable is the fact that they can be reused for months because of their durability and strength. They often come with hinges that last for several months.

Can You Make Pre Roll Packages Sustainable?

To customise CR-slider boxes, you can use paper sleeves with your customised design printed on them. This makes them both, attractive for customers, and the non-polluting factor greatly increases your sales! There are several other ways to make your Pre Roll Boxes more environmentally friendly! The best part about recyclable packaging is that it saves tonnes of money, and at the same time, helps boost your sales!

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