Why custom printed Kraft boxes are a popular choice of brands?

Why custom printed Kraft boxes are a popular choice of brands?

2019-12-13 12:04:01

Going green and social responsibly are the two main topics for the people in the retail business.  That’s why more and more brands are opting for custom cardboard boxes, custom printed Kraft boxes and custom corrugated boxes. A recent study shows that there is an increase in customer’s interest ineco-friendly packaging. The wave of going green in getting high and it is also hitting the packaging market.

When it comes to wholesale custom packaging, Kraft is one of the popular and demanded packaging materials. Kraft generally means strength which is the main reason for its popularity. Kraft paperboard is durable, sturdy and eco-friendly in nature. Kraft paperboard is used in the manufacturing of the custom boxes. These boxes are 100% recyclable and reusable due to their stiff nature. Custom Kraft boxes are the top choice of the brands in the retail industry.

Custom printed Kraft boxes have a high degree of stiffness which makes them tear resistance. Although the Kraft paper is thin but it doesn’t make it any less durable. The smooth nature of the boxes takes the printing and customization well.  The material for the Kraft boxes is readily available which make it cost-effective and easily affordable. By investing less you can have a competitive edge in the market.  Apart from the sturdiness, the custom printed boxes are eco-friendly in nature. It decomposes naturally without leaving an effect on the environment.

Benefits of using custom Kraft boxes for your business

There are tremendous benefits of using custom printed Kraft boxes for your business. The use of Kraft paper is getting high in retail packaging wholesale. From durability to the recyclability, Kraft boxes are a complete packaging solution. Kraft paperboard has a lot of features which makes it a perfect and better packaging solution. Some of its features are given below.

Custom Kraft boxes provide maximum protection

Kraft paper is usually thin in nature but provide maximum protection. Custom Kraft boxes can bear the weight of the product well and ensure the safe delivery of the product. The durability and sturdiness of the boxes make them ideal for fragile items. Using Kraft boxes can turn your regular customer into loyal ones.

Comes with an environment-friendly nature

The most prominent feature of the Kraft packaging is its eco-friendly nature. When we talk about Kraft it automatically means we are talking about recyclability and reusability. Brands become more socially responsible and that’s why Kraft paperboard is their top choice. It fulfills all three R’s of nature. Besides being recyclable, customers can reuse the box several times before its decomposition.

Kraft boxes with logo help in branding

Packaging always comes with a branding. Brands should not miss the branding opportunity in the form of custom boxes with logo. The nature of the Kraft paper allows you to be creative by imprinting your brand logo and name on the boxes. Moreover, you can ditch the brown color to the colors of your brands. It will make your packaging easily recognizable on the shelves.

Custom Kraft packaging makes customization easier

The smooth nature of the Kraft paper makes the customization and printing process easier. The material takes the design well and can result in a catchy box.  There are a lot of options available for custom Kraft boxes. You can change the usual brown of Kraft into colors, pattern and attractive design. By using custom printed Kraft boxes, you can stand out in the market and influence customer’s purchase decision.

Custom Kraft boxes wholesale are in your budget

Besides fulfilling all the requirements of high-quality packaging, custom Kraft boxes also lie within your budget. Whether you are new in the market or a small brand Kraft paperboard can help you to come with a killing box. The material is really cheap when compared to other packaging material. The right size and its light weight help you to save extra. You can also reuse the material for manufacturing new boxes.

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