Why Are My Cardboard Boxes Not Selling?

Why Are My Cardboard Boxes Not Selling?

2019-12-11 12:43:26

Many a times manufacturers think they have done everything they are suppose to. From producing a high quality product to packing it in boxes, they feel they have done it all. But hold on a second. Did you just say boxes? As in just packaging. You didn’t do anything like customization? Even if you did, it seems as if you didn’t it right. Because packaging is the best marketing tool of today. And if your packaging isn’t producing any results, it means you probably missed out on something. You should, therefore, rethink your entire cardboard boxes for your products if you want to survive let alone increase sales. Because it's a tough competition out there and to be able to stay in the market, you should be in a position to compete. You can only do that when your customized boxes are up to scratch.

So let’s try to find out what exactly did you miss in your packaging that is causing all the havoc. It could probably be the following:

Were You Careful With The Sustainable Factor?

Customers don’t really like it when companies are being insensitive towards the earth. Ever since people are turning towards the ‘Green’ factor, they are more careful about producing waste. On the other hand, if you are not mindful of this and create a packaging out of non-disposable, non-recyclable, or non-reusable material, they will definitely not like it. In fact, they were never ever buy your product. What you need to do is use packaging material to the minimum, yet at the same time that can be disposed or reused. At the same time, customize your boxes. Because when you use a standard size box, you need fillers to keep the product protected inside. All those fillers will land with the customer who will have to get rid of them. They will certainly not be pleased of getting rid of a mess you created in the first place. Therefore, its best you be careful with that.

Was Your Packaging Up-To-Date?

You’re in an age when everything needs to be appealing and exciting. Don’t design a packaging from the 50s when you know you’re not in those times anymore. What we are trying to say here is that you’re packaging needs to be up-to-date and something customers like and want. Think about what appeals to your customers. Research on all the latest trends going on at the current times and design a packaging according to that. If you are not keeping yourself updated, you are losing clients by the second.

Did Your Packaging Excite Your Customers?

Anything that is dull and boring will never appeal to the customers. They want something that will excite them. They want a packaging that will enhance their unboxing experience and take it to the next level. Any packaging that fails to grab the attention of the customer is a failed choice. Therefore, you have to somehow make sure your packaging immediately grabs the attention of your customers the minute they scan the shelves of retail stores.

Was There A Perfect Balance Between Your Product And Packaging?

There are times when the outside packaging has nothing common with the inside product. In fact, it feels like you’ve just taken a random box and placed your product inside it without a care. This is totally wrong. There should be a balance between the outside custom cardboard packaging and the inside packed product. The colors need to blend, the context, images. Everything needs to be in a harmony so that it feels the box is meant for the product.

Was The Content Readable And Accurate?

When you give information on the box, you need to make sure it's accurate. Wrong information about the product will always annoy the customer. Same way, when the font is not readable, or the size of the text too small to understand, customers tend to get frustrated and leave to buy another product. You don’t want to be doing that with any of your product.

So be it candle, cosmetic, or custom vape boxes, you have to meet certain factors to be able to make your mark and increase sales for your own best.

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