Wholesale Buying of Cigar Boxes with Ease

Wholesale Buying of Cigar Boxes with Ease

2021-03-17 06:13:42

Associated with luxury and class in the old times, smoking has always been adopted by people as a leisure activity. People in the old times had the view that tobacco cured headaches, alleviated hunger, and acted as a relaxant, due to which the practice of tobacco chewing and smoking was common amongst them. Cigarettes and cigars were handmade luxurious items containing tobacco as the major constituent, manufactured and sold particularly to the elites of the European countries. As industrialization spiked with time, an increase in the use of these formerly extravagant items was observed. Laws were made and Cigar Boxes were issued by the government to put a limit on the number of cigarettes and cigars sold at a time.

Indulge Smokers to Stick to Your Brand With Bespoke Cigar Boxes

Just as smoking cigars was an epitome of lavish and urban elites, containers designed to store them were also made out sophistically. Cigar boxes are a symbol of art and culture with businesses specializing in them and they are hoarded by smokers for their elegance and beauty. They are containers used to store cigars and are made of a variety of materials including wood, cardboard, tin, paper, and even glass and plastic. The most commonly used material; however, is Spanish cedar, considered the most fitting kind of wood to store cigars because it helps to keep them fresh for a long time. Moreover, it is widely appreciated because of the texture of the wood, its pleasant odor, and fine grain- all of these qualities ensuring to maintain the grace and intricacy of a cigar box.

Other materials alternatively used to make them are mahogany, white oak, eucalyptus, elm, yellow poplar, etc. stained and scented to capture the essence of the customary Spanish cedar to some extent.

Things You Must Also Know about Packs

  • Dress box/Plain box is the most common type, is made out of cardboard or wood with a decorative embossed paper covering the entire box and adorned with logos and seals.
  • Thirteen toppers/Flat toppers are flat and rectangular, closed with a brass nail. They have a spacer with thirteen cigars on top and twelve in the bottom.
  • Semi-Boito Nature has two rear hinges and a broach-like clasp; whereas a Boito Nature has two rear hinges, a broach-like clasp, and four collars around the inner edges of the box.
  • Cabinet selection/Slid-lid boxes have sliding tops and hold 25-50 cigars, packed with greater space and air between each cigar which is believed to aid in better aging of the cigars. Cabinets are taller than dress boxes and are often wrapped with a ribbon.
  • Special round-sided box designed to hold eight cigars on the top row, nine in the middle, and eight on the bottom.

These boxes are also used to make several other types of instruments and crafts. Smokers and connoisseurs often keep them to store other smoking accessories as they are considered pleasant to look at. In the old times, soldiers used to make fiddles to pass their time between marches and battles, and people used to make guitars to lighten up the despondency in the air during times like poverty, the Depression, and civil wars.

The Use of Cigarette Boxes and Its Valuable Benefits

Cigarettes, even more commonly used than cigars, are also packaged in bright, labeled boxes. Cigarette Boxes are exceptional examples of industrial design and are durable cases made out of cardboard or paper. They have labels and logos in bright colors on them to attract more audiences and contain 20 cigarettes per pack. They are also lined by flavor-protective foil, plastic, or paper to preserve the cigarettes and the box outside is sealed with a transparent plastic film. They often have large pictorial designs and warnings about the harmful effects of smoking, both of which are thought to be significant factors in determining the attraction of the audience and eliciting a positive response. People also collect cigarette packs.

Apart from these, conventional cigarette cases are also common and provide a more chic look to the carriers. Made out of precious metals, leather, and tin, they are considered fashionable accessories worth a fortune of money and are known to be kept by the urban elites to keep their cigarettes in.

Product Packaging for Other Tobacco Items

The speed and buzz of modern-day life require the use of several items in daily routine, whether it is food, sanitary products, accessories, books, or cosmetics. Wooden and tin boxes have been used for ages for storage and delivery of a range of items. Gradually, cardboard replaced these materials due to the advantage it has. It is lightweight and easier to dispose of as well as biodegradable. It can be molded into dozens of sizes and shapes and that is a huge part of the reason why it gained popularity.

Increasing Popularity of Kraft Boxes

Recently, however, containers made from 100% recycled material have revolutionized the world and have brought a twist in modern views of eco-friendly production of goods. These revolutionary packs of wonder are Kraft Boxes. They are made up of pinewood material where the pine pulp provides top-notch quality and provides the benefit of completely recyclable material, rendering it eco-friendly and safe-to-use. Kraft is a special material able to bear weight and pressure and can be made sturdy by adding corrugated layers, making them suitable to hold a versatile range of materials, like food, soaps, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, gifts, and so forth. Kraft can be customized into various shapes and sizes and is also resistant to extreme conditions like heat, humidity, and shock, protecting the materials inside at all costs. Multiple features of design can also be incorporated like cutout shapes, flip-top, window, and sleeve boxes; giving a wide margin to the techniques of customer appeal. They are highly cost-effective which makes them ideal for commodity packaging. They are print-friendly so they support digital printing, screen printing, etc. offering open options to graphics and personalization, which in turn is suitable for business and marketing and brand ambassador purposes.

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