What to expect from Lip balm packaging boxes?

What to expect from Lip balm packaging boxes?

2019-12-13 10:38:36

The main function of the packaging is to protect the product. But when we talk about cosmetic packaging it should perform other innovative functions as well. Like well-designed customized lip balm packaging boxes can influence the purchase decision, increase sales and can also fulfill customer’s need.

Nowadays, customers are more concerned about the product packaging; what it looks like and what benefits it will provide.The packaging is the first interaction of customers with the product. So, brands should see the product and its packaging seriously. In this age of social media and e-commerce, customers usually put their experience on social media whether it’s positive and negative. To do well in this digital age, your cosmetic packaging should have a wow factor.

Like other cosmetic products, lip balm also needs a unique and innovative packaging solution. Custom boxes are the preferable choice for lip balm packaging. Custom lip balm packaging boxes are sustainable, durable, multi-functional and also offer ease of use. These all are all basic function of the packaging but customers expect more than that.

Let’s have a look at what we can expect from lip balm boxes wholesale

Should target ideal customers

The demand for li bam is increasing not among women but also in men. If your packaging fails to impress the targeted audience, it is already a failure. While designing the lip balm boxes you should focus on the needs of ideal customers. Apart from the exceptional look, the lip balm packaging should also offer form and function. Customers will surely buy a unique looking product but if it has no practical value, there will be no future purchase.

Should be Social media share worthy

You cannot deny how social media has influenced our lives. Beauty experts and bloggers usually post their reviews about the cosmetic product. If you aim to react to a wider audience, your lip balm packaging should be share-worthy. So, ensure that the packaging also looks good in digital media. Un-boxing experience can play a huge role in drawing new customers.

Should be sustainable

Customers not only look for an attractive looking but also keep an eye on its sustainability factor. They want to know the environmental factors of the product before making the final decision.  If you are selling natural lip balm, it's packaging also needs to be eco-friendly. Brands that opt for recyclable custom boxes made of eco-friendly have an extra edge over others.

Should have practical value

Cosmetic brands should focus on the practical side of the packaging in spite of just making it appealing.  Your lip balm boxes should be easy to use, transport and handle. Lip balms are a small product so small packaging boxes always work for it. Custom cosmetic packaging boxes are easy for shipment and also save your cost. Always design hassle-free packaging to avoid unhappy customers.

Should offer luxury

Cosmetics are considered as luxury products and their packaging should also show off it. For lip balm boxes you can opt for hot foiling, stamping, gold foiling and shimmering effect for a luxurious look.

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