What to check while ordering wholesale display boxes

What to check while ordering wholesale display boxes

2020-06-23 08:00:21

It is very simple to order boxes if you know all the design specifications and dimension of a retail box. But when it is about Display Boxes there are plenty of types and styles that makes it very difficult to select the style, size and design for these boxes. Plus, you have to be creative while designing the boxes as every manufacturer want to display their products in a unique manner. Depending on the product and type of business, you have to be very careful while designing the cardboard displays. If your item is very common then, your packaging can play an important role in making more sales because customers will notice only the product with attractive outlook.

Why printing is important on your displays?

The boxes for product display can maximize your product presence on the stores if you print the best pictures, designs and catchy color scheme. This is because printing can play magic by communicating with your customers and can influence the buying decision of customers. Also, the cardboard display have enough space to print it with your trademark, taglines and pictures so you have to take it as an opportunity for marketing and branding and must print it properly. If your product is unique and new in the market then customers must want you to have the details of the products printed on the box. Without printing, you can never tell your customer about that product so it is very important to print the features, advantages and all the details of the product on the counter top boxes for display.

If you are using the displays to showcase the sampling items in sachets, your printing can still play a huge role. The printed box will work as an agent on your behalf and will portray good quality of your product through the boxes. So, if you are going to display sachets on the displays, you must print the box with the details and brand logo so people can start recognize you in the market. Other than printing, it is very difficult to communicate with customers and to make an impact.

Addition of inserts and their role

While ordering cardboard displays, you have to add inserts in them because otherwise the products can collide which is not what you want. Plus, you have to choose an optimal number of products to display inside the box to avoid the same problem. If you are going to display product like lipstick or glosses then you must go for round punch partition which will hold the product tightly and would make them look great on the cosmetic store. Whereas if you want to display cream containers, or candles then you must opt for fence partition which will keep the products separate from each other and add to the beauty of the box as well. For fragile products, it is advisable to use foam inserts because they provide safety to the product and save them from all kinds of damages.

Use of shipper displays

If you are looking for a box design that can save your shipping cost then you have the option of shipper displays. The advantage of these kinds of boxes is that they are multipurpose and you can use single box for shipping and display your products. The top lid is perforated with the box which can be easily removed once the product reaches the retail stores. You can package products like chocolate bars, pre rolls, key chains and candles in these boxes. They can be printed and customized as all the other cardboard displays and suitable for branding and marketing as well.

Counter top displays

As the name depicts, the counter top displays are used to place on the retail counters to catch customer attention on the store. The best thing about these boxes is that they have shelves which look really amazing and that is why even the established brands also use them to display their products. Made from cardboard material, the boxes can be added with partitions and inserts to look more mesmerizing at the counter.

They are common for use in cosmetic industry because the makeup products are small in size and have to display to get customer attention. Without the display packaging, it can be difficult to highlight the product presence at the retail counter. Even you can make Soap Boxes with the design of display and add die cut window on them. Addition of hanging tab on the boxes will make them more attractive for the customers and can increase sales within no time.

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