What Makes Pre Roll Counter Display Boxes Superior?

What Makes Pre Roll Counter Display Boxes Superior?

2020-08-27 11:27:19

Right after the cannabis infused items got popularity in the United States, a number of manufacturers dived into the industry with their products. Different items like cannabis flowers, strains, oil and cannabis pre rolls started capturing the attention of the customers. The competition started among different brands and hence new and old companies started to compete to get better market share for their products. Considering this, the manufacturers make use of different strategies to promote their brand and product through different platforms. One of their strategy was to make the packaging attractive enough to advertise for them and this worked quite effectively. Different designs were made and among them pre roll counter Display Boxes steal the show with their unique structure and amazing features. The pre rolls can be made prominent in dispensaries and tobacco stores and their outlook can uplift any small item that customer cannot notice otherwise.

Boxes that improve sales on retail

Pre rolls are just like cigarettes so they are fragile and are easily breakable. The packaging should be secure enough to save them from getting damage and must have all the features that can make them attractive on the retail. Counter displays are made from cardboard and are specially placed on the counters of the supermarkets to make sure people notice them. Upon noticing, the chances of sales become maximum and it would be beneficial for manufacturer to use them. Another reason why these displays are important is that pre rolls are smaller in size and need a container that can make their appearance eye-catching and unique.

The dominating factor

Another thing which is interesting to know about counter displays is that they have a large space for printing that allow the manufacturers to print all the details about the product and brand which was not possible on the other kind of boxes. Attractive designs, images, text, ingredients, all can be printed on cardboard displays to make them colorful and exciting. This will also help in triggering more sales of the product and promotion of the brand becomes easier as well.  Design of the cardboard counter displays is made using die cutting techniques and modern tools which make them sturdy and strong. To make them more durable, flutes are added that helps in bringing more toughness in the design to withstand the load of various products placed in them.

Printing & finishing for lush presentation

Pre roll cigarettes are usually kept in flip top box design to save them from moisture and contamination but in the displays they are stacked together over each other that help them in staying damage free and also make them noticeable at the shelf. Counter top design can be added with big lid on the back for promotion and advertising of the brand which can be embossed or debossed with logo for better marketing. The outlook of your product will become more striking when finishing options like gloss, matte, aqueous coating and spot UV will be added along with colorful printing. This will make them highly appealing and different from the other box designs in the super market.

Things to do before manufacturing

In order to design them with perfection, you have different options to choose. If you are new businessmen and have not made the packaging before, then you should hire a designers for logo making and to suggest the artwork as well. You should choose the right color combinations and designs that can add glamour to the outlook of your box and make your item stand out. You can take idea from competitors or think of a new one for artwork with the help of your designer. This will give you confidence in your product outlook and it will become easier to advertise.

Color combination influences buyers

For counter displays, the most advisable colors are red, blue or a mixture of yellow with orange and red. These colors are more suitable for artwork because they catch the attention of customer at once which ultimately help in increasing the sales of the product. Apart from colors, you can also choose image that can relate to your pre rolls inside that will look eye-grabbing as well. Number of other constraints like labelling with the warning message is also necessary as it is mandatory for any tobacco company to mention on their packaging. It helps in controlling the rate of smokers every year and make awareness about its side effects.

Structure design variation for better outcome

After the artwork, the next step is to make the structure design which lure customers and triggers chances of sales for the manufacturer. This is one of the important phase because artwork will not look impressive if the structural design is not up to the mark. Usually, the counter top boxes have the same structure but the addition of lid, inserts and peg hooks can help in making them more stylish. It is correct to say they design of display is totally unique and different from the other packaging design but still there can be variations in them. For CBD products like tinctures, flowers, sprays and eatables, different types of displays can be used according to the product type. Unlike the other CBD Boxes there are more chances of improving sales with displays because any kind of CBD item will look more beautiful and attention grabbing on them.

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