What are the different types of pillow box packaging?

What are the different types of pillow box packaging?

2019-12-11 11:39:46

When we talk about innovative packaging, the first thing which comes to our mind is pillow boxes. Pillow packaging is one of the most used and most sold packagings around the world. It is an ideal solution for small items but you can get these boxes in different sizes. Pillow boxes have also outraged the popularity of cardboard boxes with lids. The main reason is that these boxes elegantly showcase the product and also serve the main purpose of providing safety.

Pillow boxes carry various benefits; they have a smart-look, they are unique, they are durable and most importantly they are nature-friendly. Most people think that pillow packaging is costly but it smartly lies in your budget. These boxes come in unique styles which you can use for different product and items. The versatility of pillow packaging increased its demand among retailers and customers.

Nowadays different type of pillow packaging is available in the market. Let’s have a look at some of its types.

Gift pillow packaging

If you want a perfect packaging answer to the need for gift packaging, what could be a better option than gift pillow boxes! These boxes are a glamorous way to present your gift to the loved ones.  You can pack small to large items in the pillow packaging.  It is an ideal way to pack jewelry, watches and whatever your heart wants.

Pillow boxes with window

Pillow boxes with window come in the category of transparent packaging. The unique plastic window in different die-cut shapes adds beauty and elegance to the packaging. If you want to let customers have the sneak peek of the product, you choose pillow window boxes. Customers can know what they are exactly buying before making the final decision.

Custom Kraft pillow boxes

For a complete eco-friendly packaging solution, choose pillow boxes made of Kraft. Kraft paper is fully recyclable and reusable.  White and brown Kraft boxes are quite affordable. But you can ditch the usual colors with bright and bold ones. Fulfill your responsibility and make an impression on your customers by choosing custom Kraft pillow boxes.

Pillow packaging with handle

Packaging which provides ease and convenience to customers is ideal. Pillow boxes already provide easy handling and usage. But with a handle on the top make these boxes are easy to carry around. You can put a handle made of box material or the simplest way to use a ribbon strap. These boxes are available in a variety of sizes and design.

Cardboard pillow boxes

Cardboard is the most sturdy and durable option as compared to other alternatives. Cardboard pillow boxes are not durable but also sustainable. These boxes are a perfect solution for food items, apparel and to send mails. Cardboard boxes are quite cheap and easily accessible. You can also get these boxes at quite a cheap price.

Personalized pillow boxes

Pillow boxes are usually plain and come in brown color. But you can personalize the boxes with your brand name and logo. Color, fonts, patterns, and graphics are other options to customize the boxes depending on product or event.  Custom pillow boxes will attract maximum attraction and help you to increase the product’s sales.

Custom luxury pillow packaging

If you want to deliver luxury ad quality to your customers, choose luxury pillow boxes. These boxes are made with special finishes to enhance the value. UV coating, embossing, foil and gold stamping are a high-end option for the pillow boxes. In these luxurious boxes, you can pack cosmetics, watches, fragrances and other high-value items.

Every style of pillow box has its own benefits and unique features. You can make the best choice depending on your product’s requirement.  If you want any type of customized cardboard boxes, custom packaging pro is the leading manufacturer in the USA. We provide high-quality custom boxes to our customers at affordable rates.

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