What an Offline and Online Unboxing Experience Can Do For Your CBD Boxes

What an Offline and Online Unboxing Experience Can Do For Your CBD Boxes

2020-02-10 11:07:16

When there is some event about to come up, manufacturers find it to be the busiest time of the year. In fact, their major sales are made when there is some event or occasion up around the corner. However, there is something else too they must be giving to their customers, which is a reason the buyers seem to be investing in their products. Unknowingly, the customers are after an unboxing experience they can share with the world. But that’s not it, they want to remember it for long and cherish the memory every time they look at that particular product. And the best way you can offer this experience is through your CBD Boxes. Your packaging should have a sense of excitement and entertainment. It needs to offer an experience that will make them jump in their boots. You need to incorporate some amazing ideas, innovation and creativity to offer an unboxing experience of the next level.

That said, we have compared how the real world retailers and business kings over the internet can create this sense of experience for their customers and rule the market with their products, especially during these events.

There is, however, a major difference between the unboxing experience offered by the real world and the world of e-commerce. Let’s find out what exactly that is and how?

Shopping Experience of the Real World

If you have ever shopped at Brick-and-Mortars stores, you will know that they usually include packaging for the upcoming event as part of their offered services, especially when it’s Christmas. Even if it’s not for free, they charge a meager price for it which is equal to almost nothing.

For the most part, you get a product that is wrapped up with cheerful packaging. However, to make the packaging seem more joyful and cheerful and eventful, they embellish their wrapping on the original packing of the brand’s product with loads of ribbons and laces.

However, let’s not forget that the customer is simply after a memorable unboxing experience. They are quite fond of it too, and that too unknowingly. But can you as a brand benefit from this? And exactly how?

You as a brand can combine remarkably unbelievable design with functionality, considering your main channel for making sales is retail stores. You can offer the customers a design that won’t need any sort of packaging at all. The box on its own looks remarkably attractive, alluring and outstanding.

Or the other thing you can do is a constructional makeover. You can work on the flaps being simple yet at the same time magnetic. You can make the bottom sliding. Another thing to give your packaging a memorable touch is by making a two piece box.

They are unknowingly after an unboxing experience which you can offer them through your packaging by incorporating ideas and creativity in them.

Shopping Experience of the World of Internet

Now that we have covered the real world, how about we move on to the world of e-commerce. After you have manufactured the products and correctly packed them, the one last thing you will have to worry about is the shipping which needs to be done safely. You wish for the product to securely reach to your customers without any damage. That’s the most concern you have because there is no other thing to worry about like transits, storage, shelf placement etc. But if you think that’s all. We think otherwise. Maybe it’s not. There’s more.

While we agree that your product’s safety you should one of your key concerns before you send it off to your buyers. But to not stop right here. It goes way beyond just this factor. In an attempt to make your packaging, if you neglect your customers the right to the most wanted and desired experience they so badly yearn for without saying, then you are making a huge mistake. We are talking exactly about the unboxing experience that is the most hip happening and desired thing these days. You as a packaging company or manufacturer should never ever neglect this biggest excitement the customers so eagerly look forward to. Especially around the time when some big event is just around the time. Take Christmas, Easter, New Year or any other major event about to take place across the globe. This is not just for the good of the customers but yours too. Do NOT ignore it!

We share with you the example of the King of the world of e-commerce – Amazon. The brand is known world across as the leading e-marketing platform. Yet they keep making the same mistake all over again. And they have committed this mistake for Christmas far too many times for the customers to be please anymore. There have been a number of complaints from unsatisfied customers that they send the products as they are. They don’t care about the cheerful element of Christmas and adding that joy. They are simply snatching away the joy by not wrapping the products in fun packaging that reflects the event. They mentioned that this act of the e-commerce King kind of ruined it for them the whole event as well as the joys of the season. These products that they ordered were meant to be a gift for their loved one and since they failed to deliver them in the true spirit of the event, it killed the mood.

This is the kind of mistake committed by Amazon that is close to them being related to ‘Grinch who stole the Christmas’. They deprived their valued customers the joyous unboxing experience which the first thing they were and the very reason they bought from the e-commerce King.

If we look at from Amazon’s side, they had only one focus in mind which the logistic aspect of sales. They were completely ignorant of spreading some cheer and joy. Considering this in mind, online retailers are somewhat duty-bound to offer to their buyers the packaging of upcoming events and occasions. There are many a times when you simply cannot invest in the festive designs and packaging. If that is not easily possible for them, the least they can do is add in a few details or perhaps some message that will help them make all the difference. But they need to at least do something.

Let’s face realities here. This new cool and hip unboxing experience is simply not limited to multinational organizations, major players and corporations only. Smaller brands and businesses too can pretty up their boxes and packaging by designing simply amazing and fantastic ways that will surprise their buyers. Regardless of what you are selling, your packaging for electronics, devices, cosmetic, jewelry, candle, edibles to Cigarette boxes should have the love, cheer and joy of all that is to come.

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