Ways to save money on lip balm boxes

Ways to save money on lip balm boxes

2020-05-07 07:34:03

Custom packaging has become the need of the hour especially when it comes to competing in the cosmetic market. Whether you a lip balm band or selling hair colors, it is impossible to get more sales without an effective packaging solution. Sill some brands compromise on the quality of the packaging boxes. The main reason for this is the high unseen cost of custom boxes. But have you ever thought why more and more brands are choosing custom boxes over standard solutions? Because there are many cost-saving ways to make lip balm boxes affordable for your brand.

A decade ago, the packaging is not the top priority of the brands and they still managed to do good business. Nowadays, customers have more knowledge than products and they want reliable packaging especially for lip products. With the advancement in technology and machinery, the packaging has become an affordable option for big and small brands. Some brands still struggle with the packaging process and don't know what they can do to cut unnecessary costs. You should start by making small changes in the process to get the big results.

If you are one of those band who doesn't know from where to take start to get an affordable lip balm packaging solution, here are some of the ways to consider.

Reduce the size of the primary packaging

If you are in search of an effective solution to reduce the packaging cost on lip balm display boxes, you can try to reduce the size of the primary packaging. Primary packaging is the box that your customers will take home. Many brands make the mistake of not using perfect size boxes and use one size for all the products. It only increases the additional cost. Reducing a few inches in the length and width of the box will make a big difference in the overall cost.  Many brands have adopted this technique and seen positive results.

Use better-quality material

When it comes to packaging boxes, you should always prefer high-quality material for the sake of your customers and the brand. We know better quality means more money but it can save you from unnecessary costs in the future. First of all, high-quality boxes are durable and sturdy enough to protect the product from any damage; it means you don’t have to spend on inner protection. If you compromise on the quality of the lip balm packaging, you will lose customer’s loyalty and also face returns. Returned products not only affect brand image but also affect your sales.

Choose the right design options

Another key element of saving your cost is to use the box as a selling tool. By customizing the lip balm packaging with the right design elements will provide you a free marketing and branding opportunity. So, as a cosmetic brand, you should know the needs of your ideal customers. Designing the boxes for a range of customers will result in high-sales. Don't spend on the unnecessary elements; a minimal approach is always the best to make a lasting impact on your customers. It is a low-cost marketing opportunity as compared to other options.

Necessary vs. unnecessary cost

It is a good exercise to practice. Make a list of the cost of your current packaging solution. Break down the list into two columns; one for the cost necessary for the performance and one for the cost of aesthetic appeal. Go through all the points one by one and try to determine the features which can be eliminated. Here are some points to consider

  • Do you need inner packaging material?
  • Are your boxes filled with unnecessary information?
  • Is labeling a cost-efficient way or you should go for direct printing?
  • Are you using the large size boxes?
  • Do you want to go for full-color printing or using one color will be enough?

Bulk order help to save cost per item

It is far most the best and a proven way of saving money on your packaging. When buying lip balm packaging boxes, you should always try to order in bulk. If you order in higher volumes, the cost per unit will decrease. That's why many packaging manufacturers offer custom cosmetic packaging boxes wholesale. It is an affordable option for small and new brands. It is equally favorable for the clients and suppliers as well. If you thinking that bulk orders can affect the quality of the boxes, it is not the case at all.

Don’t forget to do a test run

Once your packaging is ready to take place on the shelves, it is better to do a test run before the final launch. Try to introduce a short run of the boxes in the market and see what will be the reaction of customers. If they like your product, you are ready to beat your competitors. But if things don't go your way, it is time to take customer’s feedback and make the necessary changes. It is an effective strategy to save your brand from unnecessary failures.

As you made certain changes stop your product packaging but don't go too far. No matter what you do but make sure that your product reaches the final destination in an undamaged condition. So, invest in the testing of lip balm and lipstick boxes to know the shortcomings of your packaging design.

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