Ways to make your soap packaging durable than ever

Ways to make your soap packaging durable than ever

2019-12-12 11:29:30

The top priority of every soap brand is to make sure that the product will reach to its end users in the first-classcondition. The best way to ensure is the use of high-quality ad durable soap packaging. It has become more important than ever to use sturdy packaging because a bad shipping experience can make you lose customers and sales. From choosing the material to choosing the shipping method, it is totally up to brands to make the right choices regarding their product packaging.

A durable box not only protects the goods but also reduce the cost by minimizing the risk of returns. Here are few tips to make your soap containers protected than ever.

Choose the right size

Have you ever worn a wrong sized dress? If yes, then you were looking funny or looking like you are forced in the dress. The same goes for product packaging. If you use a big or small size box, it will make the product more prone to damage. Using a correct size box will hold the product in one place to keep it from moving around.

High-quality material is a must

The foremost step of durable packaging is the use of high-quality material. Select your soap packaging material very carefully. While shipping and traveling, your product will go through extreme conditions. The material should deal with any wear and tear. The plus point of the strong material is that you can reuse it for the new manufacturing process.

Choose a trusted packaging partner

Want to make sure that your soap boxes are sturdier to their fullest? Choosing the right packaging manufacturer can be a game-changer. You should select a company which has a long list of delivering excellence and quality. An experienced manufacturer knows how to make the boxes more durable without increasing the cost. A good track record will help you to make the right choice.

Wrap and cushion it properly

Apart from the material, another thing which holds the most important is how you pack your product. If you use one size box for all the products, you must fill the void space with inner packaging material like peanut foam.  You can also choose cardboard or plastic inserts to pack more than one product.

Seal the box in the right way

Using custom tape is the right way to seal the box properly. Make sure the box is tightly sealed so the product will not get out of the box during traveling. So, always choose the strong tape, don't use twine or string. Don’t forget to add the void fills.

A trial run is important

Once your packaging is ready to ship, it is time for a test run. Order the minimum amount of boxes and introduce it in the market. See the reaction of customers and take their feedback. If your boxes are not sturdy enough, you can opt for some better options.

In the end, soap brands should make their own decisions depending on the product requirements and their budget. If you follow the above guide, you can easily make soap and bath bomb packaging more durable. One of the major steps is to choose the right manufacturer and what could a better option than custom packaging pro.

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