Ways to improve bath bomb containers packaging for online business

Ways to improve bath bomb containers packaging for online business

2019-12-12 11:11:19

In an e-commerce business, the process doesn't end by clicking the order button. To get more business and repeat purchases, it is important to provide an ultimate experience with the order arrived on time and in good condition. If you are a bath bomb brand and want your regular buyers to be loyal ones, it is time to make your bath bomb containers more appealing. The right packaging can wow the customers with unique unboxing experience.

High-quality customers are a great way to keep customers hooked and to delight them with a delightful experience. Here are four ways to improve the design of bath bomb boxes for your online business.
The delivery box should have a brand on it.

When a customer makes an online purchase, they are as excited as a small birthday gift. They look forward to getting the box, open it and to look at the purchase.  The whole process is more like an adventure. The first thing people notice in the shipment boxes is the brand name and logo. They want to know who is behind the amazing product. So, it is important to put the brand name on the front and the logo should also be prominent.

Different companies offer custom shipping boxes and mailer boxes for bath bomb packagingsolutions. These are easily affordable but the price can vary depending upon order quantity. If you can't afford to print, you can have customized labels, stamps, and tapes. The main aim is to help customers in brand recognition.

Combine form with function

Protective boxes are essential to provide a unique customer experience. If you focus only on the design and ignore the functionality, it is a big risk to your product. First of all, the box should be durable. Choose the box size according to your product dimensions. It will keep you from using inner packaging material. Excessive packaging only results in waste. Make sure that the box should protect the inside content at all costs. Here are some tips to follow.

  • Select the right box size
  • Choose durable and sustainable material
  • Make use of bubble wrap for fragile items
  • Make your packaging waterproof
  • Use a “handle with care” label

Use it for marketing purposes

The easiest way to market new products is through your regular customer. It is more affordable than other electronic marketing channels and print media. You can convince the current customers to purchase again and also attract new ones at the same time. There are a few affordable ways to implement a marketing strategy in your product packaging.

The packing slip is most commonly used by brands. These are vibrant in color with brand name and logo on it. Flyer and sales letters are another option to market your other beauty products. Adding your social media account on bath bomb boxes will link you directly to customers. You can also arrange a photo contest for direct response marketing.

Personalize the order

While personalizing the order, ensure that customers will special about the whole process. You can insert a handwritten note with the customer's name and signed by you. They will recognize your effort and appreciate it. It takes a little extra work and time but we assure you that it is worth doing. You can also share some beauty tips with your customers in the form of a flyer.

Every one of us wants to get something free; adding a sample of new bath bombs will help in repeat purchase.Discount offers are another option to consider. Sharing contact information like your website address and social media handles will also connect with your customers for one to one conversation.

In online business, packaging holds more importance than before. So, brands make sure that packaging should be a combination of form and function. Custom packaging pro offers great quality soap boxes and bath bomb boxes to meet your needs of e-commerce packaging.

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