Vape Packaging – Where Might You Be Going Wrong

Vape Packaging – Where Might You Be Going Wrong

2019-12-11 13:58:03

You have a product that you want to move out of the doors to the homes of your customers. But you are finding it really difficult to do so. You have taken help from all the favorable marketing techniques, but still your vape is there on the shelves of stores staring to be sold. Is it your vape packaging? We agree that you do have the best packaging solutions with you to assist you in this difficult times. Yet you are not doing something right which is why your product is not appealing to your customers. So you need to figure out what the cause is and take viable action before it’s too late and you have end up shutting the doors of your company.

We have lined up a few things that are viable in the making and designing of the custom box design for your vape. Maybe you’re missing out on something very important that has caused you all this trouble.

Let’s find out where you might be going wrong

Is The Packaging The Appropriate Size And Shape?

You have a fairly small product. But you use a large box for it. That is not appropriate at all. Same way, your product is sleek and stylish, yet the shape of the box is not even complimenting the item in any way. You are doing all the right things to drive away your customers who would have in the first place bought your product if you had given your packaging the right amount of thought and done everything right. You need to know that your packaging should be the exact size and shape as the product.

Are You Using The Right Packaging Material And Quality?

You have a high quality item but the packaging is a huge disappointment. People will never even touch your product because of the disappointing and below average packaging material you’ve used. You need to use high quality packaging material to tell them that the product inside will be all gold too.

Are You Being Playful?

You need to use all the right colors, shapes, designs, and style; all factors that need to compliment your product packed inside the box. You need to show that this box was specifically meant for this product you have inside. The outside packaging needs to synchronize and harmonize in the best possible manner.

Is Your Customization And Personalization Accurate?

You need to place your brand name and logo on the box to make it personalized to your product. Also, adding colors that will only get along with the product is the best customization you can do. Adding information that is accurate will also be helpful. Therefore avoid adding information that has nothing to do with the product inside. This will cost you lots in the end.

Are You Being Green?

In this age and time, people are more aware of all the damage that has been done to the earth. They know that a large contributor to this whole issue is waste that cannot be disposed; plastic or in-disposable material being a couple of those. They know that products are wrapped up with such harmful material, thus they do not wish to buy any such item that has material that is causing the earth damage. This is where you need to sweep in and seize the day. You need to use packaging material that is eco-friendly and will dispose of with time. The material should not cause the Mother Nature any more harm. When customers will see you are doing down the green path, they will certainly want to buy your product with comfort and ease.

We have shared our best tips for designing the perfect Custom packaging for your precious product. Make use of it, and thank us later!

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