Vape Packaging – The Reasons Your Product Is Going Downhill

Vape Packaging – The Reasons Your Product Is Going Downhill

2019-12-11 13:41:10

As much as many companies are enjoying the many benefits Vape Packaging offers to their products, then there are some struggling hard to move their product from the shelves? But why is it so? I mean people are buying the same product from another brand, then what’s wrong with yours?

If the truth be told, maybe it have something to do with your packaging. You may have a packaging for your product like every other brand, but still you are doing something wrong with it. Think about it. Why are all the other brands making it big while your product sits on the shelves alone waiting to be bought? You may think you are following all the rules of having it packed. But maybe, you’re not doing everything you are supposed to. Maybe, the problem is your packaging, while it should be your protector and savior.

So now that we have covered that part, you know it’s probably you’re not doing something right. And maybe it can be one of the things listed below;

Not Using the Right Material

There are many reasons to use the right packaging material, especially when it comes to a product like vape. Firstly, it has CBD and Hemp oils that can slip out. The packaging should be able to sustain any moisture. Also, there are many environmental hazards like heat, cold that can cause harm to the product itself. You should have a packaging that should be able to protect the inside product from these elements. In saying that, it’s actually the packaging material that’s into play here. So you need to make sure you have the right one for the purpose.

Now here’s another thing about material you should know about. Since the rise of global warming, people are now going Green, and they prefer packaging that is not causing any harm to the earth. You need to make sure you are using one of those materials that is recyclable, disposable, and reusable. People will simply rave more about your packaging than the product itself.

Not Creative Enough

You may have come up with custom vape cart packaging, but still you are miles behind others. The reason is you didn’t think things through. You didn’t use your creative side well enough. All you were trying to do was be so focused in the quality of your product that you actually ignored your packaging and it being creative enough to impress your customers. No one is going to buy products packed in dull, boring boxes that has nothing innovative, creative or unique about it.

Not Customizing Your Packaging Right

Packing a small item in a big box in a no. You should never ever do that. Same way, you need to make sure you make your box the exact size and shape of your vape product. But that’s not it. You need to focus on the design. You need to make it seem like the box is meant for your vape. That can be done through proper customization. Play with colors, text, fonts, shape, sizes, designs etc. But in the end, all should harmonize beautifully and blend together with the product.

Not Appealing Enough

Your creative side is going to help your simple cardboard boxes make their way to the top. And when we say simple, we don’t mean plain boxes that are dull. You know how we feel about those already. Simple boxes mean that they need to look elegant and graceful. Don’t go overboard trying to make them appealing. But they need to have a hint of appeal that pleases the eye. There should be something special about the box that appeals to the eye, mind and heart. You need to take your appeal factor to the next level. So make sure you have all the right things on the box from images, content, font, color, to design that all match perfectly and create the perfect appeal.

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