Vape Cartridge Packaging – Is Glass The Ideal Packaging Choice?

Vape Cartridge Packaging – Is Glass The Ideal Packaging Choice?

2019-11-27 11:14:06

Carefully choosing the right packaging material is the key to success. Especially when you are the manufacturer of delicate items that can easily break. Take vape cartridge packaging for instance. You need to get the best material that is sturdy and ideal for the product. You don’t want anything that will damage the sensitive item or cause it to break. Glass, in this regard, may not be the most suitable choice to make for such a product. Because it can cause damage to the health too and not just the product. So it’s best to be careful with it.

However, that is not the only product you need to be careful with when choosing glass. When you are about to make the decision of choosing glass as your prime material for packaging, there are a lot of things to consider.

One of the most common glass packaging are bottles and jars. These can hold wine, beverages, to jams and peanut butter. It may be the ideal choice for these products, and may have a lot of benefits too. For instance, it’s inert which means the material will not react with whatever is packed inside the glass. It won’t cause any difference to the beverages’ flavor or anything, unless you find a crack in it and it may cause the drinks to leak. In saying that, still let the fluids smell.

Glass is one of those materials that you can easily recycle too. So there are many good points of using glass as your prime choice of packaging.

But that doesn’t mean the packaging option doesn’t have any downsides. If you have a close look at these disadvantages, then your business can be in a bit of trouble making it an inappropriate choice for your products. Consider the following when choosing glass then.

Glass Is Fragile: The reason you pack your item is to give them protection. But what if you have to provide protection to the one thing that is protecting your product in the first place. That really doesn’t sound appealing to me. It may be strong, it may hold its shape, it may be firm, and it may easily support any content that is packed inside. But that doesn’t change the fact that its still fragile and anything inside is somehow not safe. You still need to ensure that your packaging is safe and secure to make sure your product will also remain the same. Talk about cutting down your budget!

If there is any strong impact, it can easily fracture or crack the container. Once this happens, the container becomes useless for the manufacturer and they will have to end up wasting the packaging.

In saying that, when it comes to metal or cloth, both these materials can put up against sharp blows and nothing will rupture or leak. On the contrary, the glass material is quite vulnerable to any sharp temperature changes. Heating the glass and then exposing it immediately to air or cool water is enough to shatter it.

It Can Be Heavy: In comparison to other materials like plastic, paper or even metal containers, glass tends to be the heaviest of all. When the weight is greater, so will be the shipping cost. And there is a general rule, that the price of all these factors is added in the final price of the product. So yeah, the price of shipping is also passed on to the consumers. Considering this very factor, alternate containers that are lighter is weight seem like the more ideal and attractive option in comparison to glass to many businesses.

While many consumers would love to get their wine in a glass container, somehow the manufacturers have also experimented with cans and boxes as the next best thing to sell it in. Then there are businesses that have tried to thin down the glass they are using to get the same amount of benefits they would from the material without all that weight being added.

They Are Not That Safe

A simple crash will cause the glass to break, it’s as simple as that. Moreover, the glass, in its broken form, is the most dangerous of all not only for kids but adults too. A torn paper can do absolutely no harm but the glass can do damage that can sometimes be life altering. The glass has sharp edges. It can break the skin with ease. Also, if it breaks, all the teeny tiny pieces are quite hard to find.

Now think of it this way. Broken shards of glass are hard to find, especially in edible items making them impossible to eat. If swallowed unnoticed, they can cause grave internal harm. This makes glass the most inappropriate choice for food items and beverages thus.

Opening and Closing Is Not an Easy Task

With metal containers, plastic pouches or custom cardboard boxes, these are fairly easy to seal or close. But when it comes to glass containers, finding something suitable or ideal to seal it is a bit difficult. You will need a lid, a bottle cap or perhaps a cork for the purpose of closing a food container made of glass.

With all these downsides when it comes to glass, it’s best you choose cardboard boxes with lids, or maybe metal or plastic even. Glass tends to have grave consequences in many instances which is the reason why you need to be careful while using them as your ultimate choice of packaging for your product. However, if you are a food or beverage company, you need to be extra careful with using glass. It’s best to take every bit of factor into consideration because you land up with your final choice.

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