Vape Cartridge Packaging – How the Unboxing Experience Can Help

Vape Cartridge Packaging – How the Unboxing Experience Can Help

2019-12-11 11:11:35

You need to ampup your game if you want to survive with such a tough competition out there. Therefore, enhancing the unboxing experience of your vape cartridge packaging is one way to go. It is one of those trends that if it works, you will get massive sales.

Including Some Freebies

Thinking of ways to excite the customers? Well, about your, you throw in a freebies or two in the packaging. Customers always love it when they rip open their packaging and find their product along with some unexpected goodies to lift the mood. And here’s the best thing. You don’t even have to add in something big. It can be something as small as a gloss sample if you are in the cosmetic business, or maybe tester of a new fragrance you are about to launch.

But if you are struggling with ideas what to include in the box, we have some freebies hints that might work;

  • Samples of products: You can offer a discount of the original product in full-size that will ultimately lead to sales in the future.
  • Magnets or logo stickers: Someone might love it so much they stick it on their system, or maybe their skateboard, or maybe slap one on their hover board. This is exactly the kind of advertisement you are looking for, and that too at a very cheap price.
  • A ‘How-to’ book that is relevant to your items: If your goods are plants, then you can throw in a book filled with tips and tricks to grow them effectively.

That said, when you include a small gift inside your packaging, it is simply an amazing and a way to get easy bang for your buck. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Maybe just a bookmark will do. But this is a great way to kick start some sales.

The Packaging Should Be Practical As One Two Three and Its Open

Have you ever been in a situation where you are so freakingly excited about a packaging and you just rip open into it the minute you receive it only to realize in the end that this long-awaited item of yours is encased in a heavy plastic box that you find almost impossible to free it from. And you are just a few moments away from using those jaws of life Well, happened to me a few times. And here’s the worst part. The product itself was also not totally worth the amount of effort and frustration I put into opening it. So yeah, it was all a pretty epic fail.

To be honest, if you had such a bad time opening it, you think people are actually going to adore watching it? You really they will laugh at you struggling to rip the packaging open or just roll their eyes thinking what a lousy way to pack something.

If such a thing happens in front of hundreds of people, don’t you think they will think like a million times before they place an order with you? Regardless of you belonging to any industry and the fact your items need protection, you need to also make sure that the custom box design packaging is practical and easy to open.

Make People Want To Share Your Packaging with the World

When it comes to unboxing, if your customers are not willing to share it with the world, then it means you have not impressed them enough to make them want to do such a thing. Which means you have failed. If they are not thinking the same, you need to have a packaging that will leave them with no choice. It needs to convince your customers that ‘I’ (the packaging) need to be shared with the world. There needs to be something in the packaging that will encourage them to do so.

How about you using the Hashtags to promote the whole sharing thing. Or you can throw in some URLs of your social media on the packaging to get things going. These can act like an icebreakers.

Another great thing would be throwing in some free giveaways in your custom packaging to generate some buzz about your product. But the hype needs to be built for sure.

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