Vape Cartridge Packaging – Do It Perfectly

Vape Cartridge Packaging – Do It Perfectly

2020-03-31 12:09:58

As times have changed drastically, so have the trends of smoking changed considerably. There was once a time when the traditional cigarettes were used. But today is the age of vapes. Today, smokers all around the world are changing the ways they used to indulge in this habit. The older products tend to be a bit harmful for the human health. However, these newer products – the vapes – do not pose much harm or threat. Additionally, these are the product that will give whoever holds the vapes a rather sleek and stylish look. The vapes are consider the trend of today. It’s like a fashion statement people are trying to make to the day. However, in saying all that, certain things are to be said. For instance, these are highly sensitive and delicate products. Therefore, these need to be handled quite carefully. From shipping these vapes to shelving them to storing them to placing them in the drawers of the consumers, the products seem to be on a constant move. In such a case, even the mildest or slightest hiccup can cause heaps of damage to the product. Which is the reason why the products should be packed with utmost care and precision. The most ideal choice would be Vape Cartridge Packaging. This is one of the most popular choice of the day.

This is the age of customized packaging. This concept has taken the world by the storm. And since there are several ideas, remedies, techniques, marketing tools and promotional solutions the packaging choices can offer, this is one of those strategies brands use as a security blanket for the vapes themselves. However, with vapes, extra care and caution needs to be taken when it comes down to the whole packaging.

The thing is, vapes consists of a substance known as nicotine. This substance, when used in vapes, is in the form of e-liquid. The potency of this nicotine too wildly vary. Furthermore, the vapes are shipped to different countries. Each country that you ship your item to will have their own set of rules and regulations that are meant to be followed regarding the product’s potency. And there will be many countries that will not even the product entirely.

These are just some of the know factors that you need to consider while shipping globally. But those places that do accept the product will base their decision entirely on how strong the e-cigars itself are. But then again, that is not the only factor. The packaging and protective measures that you take will also be taken into consideration. Because a damaged product will be of no use. Plus, when a product is hazardous, this can lead to potential harm to the people as well as the surroundings of that particular place.

However, when planning to ship this e-liquid to other countries around the globe, its pivotal to ensure your packaging boxes are properly sealed for the purpose of shipping. But at the same time, the packaging needs to have that hint of appeal and attractiveness so that people fall for the boxes and buy the product. You are not shipping your products half way across the world just so people are bored by your packaging.

Having said that, we have summed up some really incredible methods to pack your products. These tips will allow you to pack the products to perfection. You can easily ship these items without any fear of them being damaged.

The Right Way to Pack Your Vape Products

  1. The material should be the first thing on your list that you need to check closely and select carefully. You have to ensure in all ways that the material you are about to use for your products is highly strong and durable. It should be sturdy enough to be able to hold its position, shape. But at the same time, whatever you have packed inside the packaging should remain safe. That’s what strong packaging does. You need to be sure of the material being safe and strong for your product.
  2. The real box of your product perhaps may be the most ideal and important thing for your vape. The reason being, when you use this container, your product is going to stay in its place. That’s what the boxes are supposed to do. What to make the box even prettier, you always have the choice of wrapping another packaging around your product boxes. This will not only make the boxes more attractive but the security will also increase considerably.
  3. Another thing you can do is find a box – second one which is larger than the actual original box you already have for your product. The box should be big enough that your original box can fit inside perfectly and quite comfortably. It shouldn’t have too much space that the first box keeps sliding to the sides.
  4. In the original box, when you have carefully placed your product inside. Its best that you carefully and quite lightly shake the box. This will ensure that the product inside is in its original place where it’s meant to be. It will remain safe too. However, if there is any movement inside the packaging that you hear, this means your product hasn’t fit inside the box perfectly. If that is the case, the best option to use here would be bubble wrap. Just wrap it perfectly around the product. This will ensure the process of silence within the packaging.
  5. Now your product is packed perfectly within the original box. But if the bigger box has some space, you can repeat the same process. You can put in peanuts in the bigger box while the original packaging is within. Add enough peanuts that you can properly seal the box. But don’t stuff it. Once you believe there are enough wrappings inside the bigger box, shake it lightly to ensure no movement.
  6. Now, with the help of a packaging tape, fasten the bigger box and seal it properly. You need to ensure that the box is sealed tightly and properly so that it doesn’t open up during any process from storage to shipping.

Covered all these factors? If you have, your custom boxes for vapes are all set to be sent to the world. Deliver these or ship them to place far and wide, the choice is yours. But know that your packaging will ensure your product’s safety.

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