UV coating technology can make your lipstick boxes stand out

UV coating technology can make your lipstick boxes stand out

2019-12-12 11:15:44

Well-designed and attractive packaging can make your cosmetic business a success. A great deal of hard work and devotion needs to generate high-quality packaging for your lipstick boxes.  But one thing which has a major role in producing appealing boxes is the finishes. UV coating, foil stamping, and embossing can take your product to the next level. But UV coating is the most used technology for custom boxes.

UV technology is popular for cosmetic items as it also acts as a protectant. It provides a clear coating on the box surface. The coating results in glossy shine which increases the visual appeal to the next level. The layers protect the box from scratches, radiations, and cut. All the above properties make the technology suitable for delicate cosmetic products like lipstick. Below are some of the important details to know about the UV technology.

Advantages of using UV technology

The aesthetic appeal of the boxes has a major role in the marketing of the lipstick products. It makes a lot of sense to use UV technology for cosmetic packaging. It is more hygienic and safe for fragile material. T also provides added protection to the quality of the boxes.

The advantages of using UV coating are unlimited. It is not only that it adds a luxurious and glossy effect to the lipstick containers and also increases the shelf life of the packaging. But that is not all; the technology has so much to offer. Let’s have a quick detail on some of the amazing benefits offered by the UV coating.

It maintains the quality of the boxes

UV coating act as a protective layer on the packaging. It keeps the box from any wear and tear. It provides complete protection and maintains the quality of lipstick containers. No matter your lipstick is matte or glossy or liquid UV coating is all you need.

It is easy to produce

Once you have finished the coating process, it takes almost no time drying. It is one of the simplest and fastest finishing technologies. It may seem costly at first but it is cost-efficient in the long run. By using it, you will be able to draw more audience which ultimately means more sales for your products.

It is better for the environment

One of the biggest advantages you will get with UV technology is its eco-friendly nature. Some of the finishes make the boxes less environment-friendly but UV coating is easy to recycle and you can also reuse the boxes. Lipstick brands who are environmentally concerned, UV technology is perfect for them.

It increases product sales

The technology gives a glossy appearance to the boxes and the characters become more visible. It increases the visual appeal of the product and makes customers attracted towards it. Customers always demand something unique from the brands. Lipstick packaging which stands visually on the shelves will get more sales.

Using UV technology can turn a simple-looking lipstick container into a high-end luxury product. You can also opt for other finishing options but UV coating works best for custom boxes. It is a sincere suggestion from the packaging designers of custom packaging pro; the rest is up to you as you know your product well.

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