Unique Packaging Ideas for Pillow Boxes

Unique Packaging Ideas for Pillow Boxes

2021-02-04 07:56:37

Custom packaging is a marketing tool, and it is the last message your customers will receive before making the final purchase. Whether you are selling in retail stores or at e-commerce, custom boxes can be the deciding factor to determine your success. Nowadays, to break through the clutter of brands, you have to be creative and innovative with a design. Gone are the days when you can rely on a rectangular brown box to present your product. Look at how the competition is increasing with each passing day, and standing out is the only way to catch the customer's eye.

How to design a unique solution with Pillow Boxes?

Innovative and an exceptional solution can make customers notice your brand even if several other brands are offering the same product. Whether you admit it or not, people goanna judge your product based on how you package it. Bring your creativity to life to give your brand some personality and build your name in the market. The question arises how do you create a unique and creative packaging solution, and the answer is simple than you think. Custom Pillow Boxes can help you to stand out on the shelves with their unique shape and style.

Pillow packaging is the ultimate solution for a gift, but you can also use it for other products like chocolates, candies, jewelry, and many other items. It is an ideal way to amaze your customers by uniquely presenting your products. Not only uniqueness, but it also offers convenience due to its small size and lightweight. Many brands spend thousands of dollars to companies for ideas that you can implement on your own. Here are some ideas to design your packaging yourself for the next run.

Disney themed boxes

Disney-themed packaging for pillow containers is a unique way to catch the attention of all Disney lovers. If you are a kid brand that offers sweets or chocolates, this effort will help to draw the little customers and boost sales. You can add colorful cartoon labels of some of the most beloved Disney characters, like Cinderella or Mickey Mouse. It will entice customers for the purchase. We will recommend designing your version of the cartoons; you cannot use their artwork as it is illegal. Work with a freelance designer to get professional art at a low cost.

Pillow Soap Boxes

There are hundreds and thousands of soap brands are selling their product alone in the USA. It means new brands or small businesses have to do a great struggle in establishing their brand. Custom pillow Soap Boxes can be a lifesaver for you. These innovatively shaped boxes can make customers notice your product in the crowd. You can add your logo for the brand promotion, and we also recommend giving the design a personal touch. The ideal will not only work in retail stores but if you own a restaurant or hotel, you can use these containers to present the soap decently.

Pillow wedding favors

Looking for a unique and innovative to give your wedding a personal touch? Pillow wedding favor packaging is an ideal way to show your guest appreciation. You can customize the boxes according to your wedding theme. If you can’t spend much on the printing, take a simple one color box and decorate it with accessories.  One great idea is the use of plantable pillow wedding favors to promote sustainability. Receivers can plant the box and produce the flowers because the packaging paper has seeds that grow.

Christmas pillow box

Every year, the brands have to face tough competition during the holiday season.  There is a pretty rush of customers and a lot of work to handle. The question that remains unanswered is how to stand out among the crowd to get noticed.  The best is to use Christmas themed pillow packaging boxes. The containers are already innovative due to the unique shape and mixed with Christmas theme makes the pillow packaging more appealing. Using red and green color will give a clear message about that time of year.

Travel lovers packaging

Travel themed packaging is a great way to take your customers on a timeless trip. You can dedicate the design to those who are always looking to discover new places.  It will make travel lovers fall in love with your brands and they will surely end up purchasing your product. You can incorporate mapped themed demographics or landscapes of famous tourist places. It is a unique way to stand out in the crowd and make your product POP on the shelves.

Promotional Pre Roll Counter Boxes

Brands use counter display boxes to promote their products and upcoming items. Instead of using regular pre-roll counter displays, you can opt for pillow containers with a window patching to showcase your products exceptionally.  Add a die-cut window on the front to let customers see the product. It will give them confidence in their purchase and assures the honesty of your brand. Don't miss the opportunity and make your product shine at countertops with pillow packaging boxes.

You can use all the ideas for pillow packaging to amaze customers with something unique and innovative. Whether you are designing Pre Roll Counter Boxes or gable packaging, it is crucial to stand out with a unique solution to draw potential customers.

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