Understanding Your Customers for Custom Kraft Boxes

Understanding Your Customers for Custom Kraft Boxes

2019-12-11 10:51:51

If you think packaging is something like a way of getting your goods from A-Z, then you’re probably wrong about it. In fact, you actually are. Its more than that you see. Packaging is an incredibly and amazingly valuable touchpoint of your customers which you need to acquire from them. It’s like an approval. We live in an age of Social Media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where everyone shares everything, even their unboxing experiences. They make videos of the entire experience when they unbox your product getting all excited about it. But what happens when the product inside is not really worth it. Or maybe the packaging is just getting in the way of their excitement – there’s just too much of packaging and it’s like killing their thrill. Yup, this is what packaging can do, even your custom Kraft boxes. That said, your product packaging somehow seems like an incredible idea to give some extra marketing mileage for you as a manufacturer or brand.

So, in order for you to create an incredibly amazing image of your brand, let’s walk you through the process that will help you create a stellar product packaging for your goods. But first, you need to understand your brand and your customers for that.

Understand Your Brand

So you are a well-established brand. You have the first step in the bag then. However, if you are still on the road to steady development – your brand identity not being that solid though which of course includes the logo of your company and color palette – then it’s really important you choosing a direction. It’s the best thing you can do before you invest in the custom box design of your product or you will lose everything.

It’s not easy shelling out a huge investment on the packaging of your product, and all of that too up front only to decide after a month that it doesn’t go well with your brand’s identity. That’s probably the last thing you want to do.

You do get our point here. We are only trying to say that it’s best you understand everything about your brand first before you dig deep in the product packaging investment. What your identity is, what it means to people, understanding your logo. All of these things are really important for you to be successful.

Understanding Your Customers

Your brand is in place now. That’s seems about right, don’t it? But to be honest, there’s more you need to do in order to succeed. The next part is how you can apply your brand identity to your packaging of the product. In this case, it’s the target market that will matter and greatly impact the kind of experience your potential or regular customers are hoping for when they get your items.

Let’s take Amazon customers for instance. They are one of those customers who expect no-fuss approach when it comes to packaging. They will buy a well-priced product if they have to, only that it arrives fast, on time, and unscathed. And what exactly is Amazon’s approach to that? They get a plain cardboard box that has Amazon printed on it with its logo and wrap it around with bubble wrap. They send out their products in the most basic of all packaging, yet they are still doing amazingly well.

Now there is a high chance that your packaging strategy is not similar to that of Amazon, however if you are going to add in some personalized touches to your packaging, its best these be in line with your customer’s expectation of your brand.

For instance, having a homemade product means you adding a hint of home to it to make it feel more homely. There can be a hand written note to your retail packaging box. Or perhaps you can tie the packaging up using a twice. This is the best way to give it a homey feel and giving customers far away from their homes a feeling they have been longing for. That’s how you understand your customers. And make them feel like they want to. Once you understand the art of knowing your customers well enough, your packaging will definitely hit the mark.

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