Types of tray boxes and how to order them

Types of tray boxes and how to order them

2020-06-30 13:06:58

In the retail industry, a wide range of products are sold and there are hundreds of manufacturers that display their products in supermarkets and grocery stores. With a huge number of products, we see numerous styles of packaging boxes as well. One of them is Tray Boxes which are unique in their own way because the lids are removable and can be made in different styles. Especially when the products have a large volume, tray in the box works like a bucket which is used for storage and fancy display as well. The cardboard trays are packed in the window box that has a transparent patch for sneak peak. Other amazing benefit of trays is that it has no partitions inside and manufacturers can keep their products with ease.

In the food & beverage industry, it is very common as the cooked food can be easily served in these trays. Also the fried snacks like nuggets and fries are served to customers in cardboard trays that are customized to the size and design, required by manufacturer. There are different types of boxes that have a tray inside for product storage. They are as follows.

Tray and sleeve boxes

The use of tray and sleeve boxes is very common in the retail industry as we all have the match boxes in our home that has tray and sleeve style. The trays in these boxes can be made spacious and wide according to the product but most of the time the tray is small in depth but wider than the one in match box. These kinds of boxes are popular for gift packaging and also used for the attractive display of bakery products packaging. The sleeve boxes are considered few of the most unique cardboard packaging style that is eye-catching, spacious and can be made with different card stock thickness. Its ability to be made from rigid material makes the boxes eligible for business gifts packaging that are expensive and elegant. Plus, the opening and closing style of box add to the beauty of the product packed inside.

Self- locking tray packaging boxes

Just like the tray and sleeve boxes, self-locking boxes also have a tray which is used for product storage. When the product is placed inside the tray, it is packed inside a box that locks itself after the tray slide inside. The purpose of making such boxes is to pack fragile items like bottles, jars and tins and is also cheap in price. They are generally made in brown color and can be printed as well on demand. Plus, these self-locking trays are easy to assemble and pack. Even the boxes can be stacked after the packaging of product and manufacturers that have to pack products in storage can use these kinds of boxes to keep their product safely stored for a long time.

Material used in making these boxes

Kraft and cardboard material are both used for the making of tray packaging boxes and different add-ons are also added on the boxes as well. The Kraft packaging is considered as biodegradable that reduces the spread of land waste in the country. Kraft boxes can also be recycled and used in making food packaging as well as retail product boxes. The use of Kraft material is getting popular in the industries like food, cosmetics, retail and apparel because all the industries want to make eco-friendly boxes for their products. Boxes made from Kraft are helpful for them in order to make customers trust on the product and packaging.

Cardboard material helps in making more attractive boxes with trays. The show amazing results when printed with images, designs, logo and vibrant colors. No matter what is the color of tray inside the box, the outer packaging can be printed with flashy color schemes. If you are selling a product like snacks, then you can use cardboard packaging that will help in branding of your restaurants and will provide high quality printing results as well.

How to order the custom boxes

If you are new business and want to design packaging boxes with tray then you can order them online from any company. Boxes manufacturing companies online provides boxes in low price and also in wholesale quantity so you would not have to order them again and again. The agents help you in designing the boxes according to your desire. They inquire about the size, material and shape of the boxes you need before processing it. The 3D designs will help you make a better decision about the boxes you want and you can always change the design after checking the 3D design. The other thing while ordering Cardboard Boxes is the quality of printing, you have to decide the right printing technique for your boxes to get favorable result. Digital as well as offset printing technique is used for printing and you can take help online to choose the best technique.

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