Types of pillow boxes and how to order them

Types of pillow boxes and how to order them

2020-07-01 08:10:25

Types of pillow boxes and how to order them

A number of manufacturers use stylish packaging to make their products stand out at the retail. Various styles of boxes like gable, window, two piece and Pillow Boxes are used to make products prominent in the market. New startup business use them for promotion of their new product with printed boxes having stylish designs and vibrant appeal. Pillow shaped boxes are amazing in their own way because of their special shape, opening/closing style and the ability to be decorated with amazing add-ons. Plus, if your product is small, you can use different types of pillow shaped boxes to pack and add style on your product outlook. Following are some common types.

Window boxes in pillow shape

Use of die cut window in pillow cardboard boxes look very eye catching and interesting. There is very limited space on the pillow design of box but still the small windows look captivating and fancy on them. Different die cutting designs can be added on the box that can enhance the beauty of packaging. Special packaging in pillow shape with window can be used for gift packaging, apparel products and for candies and chocolates as well. Window packaging boxes can also be useful for products that needs exposure to customers especially when it is important for customers to have a glimpse of product before buying.

Die cut handle of boxes

Pillow shape boxes are attached with handle on top for the ease of carrying. It makes the boxes stylish and increases its usability for the customers. You can easily carry your gift items and products like soap, candies, small cakes and toys. Die cut window and handle both can be added on a single box that look amazing and gives an impressive outlook. To pack your gifts with exciting outlook and presentation, you can choose pillow handle boxes by ordering them online.

Pillow Kraft boxes

Kraft is an recyclable box material that is used in making different shapes and styles of packaging boxes. Recyclable and biodegradable Kraft boxes are very common in industries like cosmetics, food and retail. When pillow shaped Kraft boxes are made, they look simple but attractive and can be customized according to the desired shape. The amazing outlook of Kraft boxes in pillow shape makes them perfect for the packaging of soap bars, candles, jewelry and many other retail and gift items.

How can you order boxes with pillow shape

The pillow shape of the boxes is unique and that is why it is commonly used in many industries. If you are just starting a new business and looking to order pillow shaped boxes for your product packaging then you must search properly about the material you want for your boxes. From cardboard and Kraft material, you have to choose one because both can be made according to the nature of your product. If you have a food business, then Kraft boxes would be better because, the Kraft material is the sign of showing the organic nature of the food. When it is about food packaging, people are very concerned and are ready to pay even more than just because of biodegradable packaging. Also, they trust the quality of the food packed in the Kraft boxes that is why for food and bakery product, pillow Kraft boxes are better.

On the other hand, if you have a cosmetic, automobile or apparel product then you must use cardboard for the making of pillow box packaging. This is because it is more sturdy and strong as compared to Kraft and have all the ingredients to be used for retail packaging.  So before ordering you have to check the material you want according to the product plus you should have the dimensions ready for your box. This will save your time and allow you to get better idea for your packaging you get.

Online ordering for boxes

From the past few years, the need for packaging boxes have increased and that is why there are number of online sellers from which you can order your pillow box packaging. First you have to check different companies and order quote from them so that you can compare the prices. You must have the idea of quantity you want for the boxes so that you can be charged minimum price. After selecting the quote from a company, the other important thing is design.

While designing, you must have the idea what type of dimension, color and printing you want on the boxes. You must see the 3D design of your boxes, once you are finished with the design because it will give you  the right idea if the boxes you are ordering are according to your expectations. Your logo, trademark and company name must be prominent on the box and it must reflect the high quality of your product.  No matter what kind of product you are packaging inside, its details must also be there so customers can read easily. For example, if you are designing Soap Boxes then you must mention about its scent, type and the special features of soap bar inside box.

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