Types of display packaging and its importance

Types of display packaging and its importance

2020-06-24 12:53:26

In a retail setup it is important to make the products prominent because the presentation of merchandise will eventually affect your sales. This is why the concept of Display Packaging was introduced to give more exposure to the items for sale. In this era the manufacturers look for unique and stylish box designs to make positive impact in the market. Not only will it impact on the sales but also helps in branding and marketing of product. For that problem, display boxes plays an eminent role as they are unique in design and perfect to showcase retail items. Plus, they have number of types and designs that can be used according to the nature of the product to be displayed. Some of the types for display boxes are explained below.

  • Floor displays
  • Counter top displays
  • Peg hook cardboard display
  • Dump bin octagonal displays
  • Displays for banners

Floor displays

As depicted from the name, floor displays are big size boxes that are placed on the floor and have various shelves to place the products. Mostly these kinds of boxes are used to place the processed snacks and are made from high quality corrugated stock that is durable and long lasting. This material is used for shipping boxes and for floor displays only. The other advantage of these displays is their ability to promote the brand in the market and that is why they are a popular choice for the new brands entering in the market with new products. Furthermore, floor displays can be made in various sizes and designs, the POP display design is the most common type of cardboard floor displays. You can make it to accommodate a range of products for display or you can use them just for brand promotion by showcasing only few products. Hence the service based businesses as well as product based businesses, both can use these kind of boxes.

Counter top display boxes

The other most common type of display boxes are called counter top because they can be placed on the counters of the retail store so that the customers can easily notice the product inside them. They are commonly used for cosmetic products like lipsticks, lip gloss and other small products. In the supermarkets, they play a significant role in highlighting the appeal of new products and help new brands achieve their sales targets. They have a small size and are very easy to customize as you can add more pockets and inserts on these boxes to accommodate range of items. Other than cosmetics, you can also use them for toys and phone accessories.

Peg hook cardboard display

They have the similar design and use like that of the counter display boxes but they are considered well structured and durable than counter displays. Due to this property, it allows the manufacturers of key chains, jewelry and stationary to showcase heavier items in them. They can be used to hang small electronics items and also can be printed with promotional designs to give brand a boost. You can attach different hooks for hanging products and place the boxes in the counters to take customers attention immediately.

Dump bin octagonal displays

When it is about placing showcasing same kind of retail products, dump bin displays can play a vital role in doing that effectively. The design is just as of a small bin but they look beautiful and stylish at the retail counter and customers notice the boxes along with the product inside it. Especially, if the customers want to buy products in larger quantity, they can take from the box and add to their cart within no time. Also, they can be filled with chocolates, candies, and numerous sweets and favors to take attention of kids at the store or at a gift shop. Hence these unique designs of displays has number of advantages.

Displays for banners

Also called as banner display stands, the purpose of these boxes is to display the promotional banners effectively. Especially when your company wants promotion in the retail industry, then these kinds of displays can help you in a great deal. They are made from hard cardboard material and are best for marketing and branding of the company. Their tall and captivating design invite customers to know about your business and brand that helps in making more customers for your business.

Apart from the above mentioned styles, large display boxes are also made to keep products like batteries, lollipops and bath bombs. Even the Bath Bomb Packaging with printed add-ons are made for companies to display their product in bulk amount. This is why product manufacturers buy display boxes for their merchandise and get help from them for promotion, packaging and marketing.

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