Turn custom candy boxes into your best marketing channel

Turn custom candy boxes into your best marketing channel

2020-02-04 06:34:04

Product packaging is the true representation of your brand and what it offers. But to achieve this goal, you have to invest your full time, effort and money. The main purpose the today’s packaging is more than just providing product security.  The box design will inform the customers about your brands and should also make them feel being a part of you. Let’s talk about the candy boxes; there is a lot of competition. Every small and big brand competes on the shelves to catch the customer's attention.

If you are in the candy business and want to make your presence felt, it is time to work on the packaging design. The brand and product should be tied together to produce a unique design for the boxes. Once your product has arrived in the stores or on shelves, no one can be your brand ambassador. Customers have to make the purchase decision on their own but you have one powerful thing in hand which is your product boxes. The candy packaging boxes can help to promote your brand and market your brand in a much better way.

Turning your product packaging into the best marketing channel is not so tricky. You just need to focus on a few things during the design process.

You must have your brand logo on the boxes

It is the most important element of the whole packaging design, whether you are designing bakery boxes or cereal boxes wholesale. Packaging without a logo is like the lost fish in the water. No one can identify the brand or company behind a particular product. The logo should be the center of attention in your candy packaging boxes.

A logo with a simple design will have more impact on customers. You can place your brand identity as the central piece or can have it covering the whole box. Matter it is your brand name or logo, make it a part of the packaging design.

Choose the colors wisely

Colors have a major role to play in the marketing of your brand. Logo can be your unique identity but your brand must have some associated hues. Integrate your brand's colors into the packaging design of your candy box. It will be an efficient way to show your brand presence with the help of the product boxes.

To maintain your brand consistency through the whole product line, it is essential to use the same colors in your store, product, on the website and most importantly on your product packaging. In this way, customers can easily recognize your new product on the market.

Focus on the fonts and typography

As colors are important in your packaging design, fonts are also crucial. The choice can be tricky and may seem difficult sometimes. Sometimes typography can help you to get the attention you want to have for so long. Use unique fonts for your brand’s name or you can choose some specific style to list all the product details. It will help to deliver your message precisely. While selecting the fond, keep a few things in your mind.

  • The style should be unique
  • It should not be hard to read
  • It should be clear and easy to understand
  • The weight and spacing should be according to a box size
  • Try to use some native characters

Consider imagery and graphics for the design

Using small images and graphics to list the important details about your product will help to bring all the packaging elements together. If you are an eco-friendly brand, use the recyclable sign on your boxes to build a positive brand image. If your candies are of the specific country, use the graphics of made in this region.

Some brands often overlook these elements, but it can help you to stand out in the crowd. Apart from product images or brand graphics, try to think something creative. A little change can help you to build a unique identity.
Consider different packaging materials

To promote your product in the market, it is important to use eco-friendly material for your candy packaging. The most used material is the cardboard which is also one of the popular packaging materials. It is 90% recyclable in nature and that’s why retailers prefer it for the bakery packaging.

Apart from cardboard, corrugated is also used on a large scale in the bakery industry. Kraft is also becoming the top choice of brands because it is the same as durable as cardboard but 100% eco-friendly.  White Kraft is one of the affordable choices for small brands.

Take inspiration from others

It is not a bad idea to take inspiration from other brands but it doesn't mean to copy them. Take an idea and creatively turn it into your packaging design. Window candy boxes are popular; you can use the idea to add transparency to your packaging boxes. Mailer and subscription boxes are also a good idea for e-commerce brands.

Take some time to do your research and to know what other brands are up to. You will surely find something to look upon. Discuss all the details with the packaging experts to get the most out of your box design.

If you are reading the blog, it means you are here for the packaging ideas and information. Use the above tips to design your candy and cereal boxes uniquely. The packaging is a powerful marketing channel to give your brand a professional image.

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