Top Design Trends for Cosmetic Boxes in 2020

Top Design Trends for Cosmetic Boxes in 2020

2020-07-14 12:27:59

Top Design Trends for Cosmetic Boxes in 2020

Companies have to work hard to get better market share in the market no matter at what level they operate. Especially the product based business try hard to compete win the market and convince customers to buy their products through different marketing strategies. In a cosmetic business where most of the customers are ladies, it can be easy to get their attention with engaging product outlook. This can be done with enticing Cosmetic Boxes made in unique design and durable structure which can only be done through customization. Ready-made boxes can never make a positive impact on the buyers because of their standard box style which cannot be unique. This is the reason why you have to go for custom boxes in order to present your product with more energy and confidence.

Box designs that can make cosmetic products look unique

Due to the high demand of cosmetic items in the market, you have to come up with some amazing product outlook to be different. You have to choose a perfect design that make the box durable and also look unique & attractive. Especially for start-ups and those companies that want to change their box styles and get rid of old designs. This is because their packaging will stay for a longer period of time in the market and they do not afford to launch their items in ordinary boxes. There are number of box styles and shapes that can be used for boxes and some of them are discussed below in detail.

Display boxes for small items

Small items like lip glosses, creams and creams are difficult get noticed at the retail shelves. This is why there is a need to make them prominent in the store. Also, ladies like to buy those items that are easily accessible and display boxes have this quality to showcase all products together in front of customers. The display box design is beautiful and have the ability to showcase all the prominent features of products to the customer. Plus the design is spacious in which multiple creams, lip glosses and hair gel containers can be placed easily. People can pick multiple items and through in their cart easily from the display box. Plus, the box allow the manufacturers to promote and advertise their brand and company name.

The printing on the boxes must be attractive and eye-catching because it helps in getting customer attention even if they are far away from the product. This make the boxes fit for promotion and for highlighting the product on the shelves. They are also called cardboard displays and have multiple types but the most common type which is used for showcase cosmetic items is counter top boxes that has a lid in the back which is printed. This excites the customers when they see the box and urge them to pick a product and try.

Drawer style boxes for perfumes and colognes

Just like the sleeve boxes, drawer style box have a sliding tray which is used for opening and closing. The box is made from cardboard and also from rigid stock in which the structure is made just like a drawer. Product is placed inside the tray and box is used for small as well as large items including perfumes, creams and colognes. As perfume is widely used for gift giving, therefore the box design is popular for gift Packaging. They can be printed and you can do branding and advertising of your business easily using these boxes. Another amazing thing about this box style is that you can customize two tier and three tier drawer style boxes that look very engaging and used for product promotion as well.

Shoulder boxes for beauty items

There are various beauty items that are used by ladies which includes masks, creams and lotions. These products are packed inside shoulder boxes that have cube structure and are printed in striking colors. The main advantage of shoulder style boxes is that they are very secure so it ensure your product will not get damage even during transportation and shipping. The box is elegant and accommodating as well which make a choice to be used for gift purpose. They have two piece design in which the lid can be removed to fetch the product from box. The base of box has high walls which adds to the beauty of box and gives an exciting experience to customer when it is un-boxed.

Pillow boxes for hair extensions

Wigs and hair extensions are very popular and companies want to present them with high appeal at the stores. Also, the hair wigs are sensitive and manufacturers do not want the packaging to ruin their quality. Due to this pillow boxes made with die cut window are used that look stylish, captivating and eye-catching. They have a structure just like a pillow and can be customized in any size according to the length of the wig to be packed. Printed boxes in pillow style attract customers and urge them to buy their product from the display.

For manufacturing of pillow boxes, Kraft and cardboard material both are used. Cardboard in preferred over Kraft Packaging because they look catchier. The reason behind this is that cardboard reflect bright printed color more effectively where as Kraft have a rough surface which is not very suitable for cosmetics packaging.

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