Top 5 Gift Packaging Trends Using Die Cutting Boxes

Top 5 Gift Packaging Trends Using Die Cutting Boxes

2020-07-20 12:31:37

Luxury packaging get the attention of everyone whether it is a passing by customer in a retail store or a gift recipient receiving a present from their loved ones. It matters for businessmen as well as for individuals and famous brands for which product presentation is important. To make that possible, different types of cardboard boxes are there that are customizable and for gift giving, they can be decorated and printed as well. Die Cutting Boxes are suitable because they are readily available, can be ordered in bulk quantity and are recyclable as well. A number of retail product manufacturers use them for the packaging of their products and they are in demand for different industries. Following are the top trends to make the gifts alluring and extraordinary.

Theme printed boxes for events and celebrations

In different events, people love to carry gifts to make the recipient happy especially when it is Christmas, Easter or Halloween people love to offer gifts. If you carry those gifts without the attractive box or packaging they will not have that catchy appeal which you want. For this, you can customize cardboard boxes by printing them in Christmas theme colors which is red and white. If you have a gift shop you can display products in these boxes and customers would love to pick them for the Christmas. Likewise, for Easter and Halloween, these boxes are perfect for all kinds of gifts because they can be customized. You can make any printing and design you want. Even if you can sell cakes by wrapping them in birthday theme printed box in your bakery. People would love to buy them just because of its attractive presentation in the box with theme printing.

Rigid boxes for business gifts

Rigid material is a stiff and non-bendable material used for the manufacturing of boxes. They have an extensive use when it comes to gift packaging because they look very classy and elegant. Wrist watches, buckle belts, wallets, and any kind of business gift can be packed inside these boxes. Plus, shields and awards can also be presented on these boxes for the annual award ceremony of an organization. These boxes are perfect for presenting fragile items like small lamps and perfumes because of their high strength and tear resistant material. You can have them in any size and shape because of their ability to customize and printing. Plus you can make these boxes more decorated by adding shiny finishing options like spot UV, gold foiling, silver foiling and aqueous coating.

Add-ons and finishing on the boxes can uplift the charm of the product inside and can surprise the gift recipient on un-boxing. There are many designs of boxes that can be made from rigid stock which includes, two piece, shoulder style, snap shut style and bookend box design. Apart from these you can get customized designs for boxes according to the product you want to pack inside them.

Tulip boxes with window for sweet delights

On different events, it is in the culture of many communities to give sweet edibles as gift. These edibles include cakes, pastries, cupcakes, candies, chocolates and donuts and kids love to have them on birthday, Christmas and Easter. If you run a bakery or have a gift shop in which you sell edibles for events, you can use tulip boxes with window to make your product look special. Printing the boxes in white or pink colors will crave the onlookers to eat the delights from them. This unique design is also suitable to give cosmetics as gifts because they look very fancy and perfect for items having smaller volume.

Two piece boxes with ribbon closure

Two piece boxes have a lid and base with a rectangular shape which look really exciting when apparel and retail products are packed in them. They are suitable for the gift packaging because they have a very simple design and can be easily wrapped with sheets and embellishing add-ons. Fancy ribbons and laces on the boxes make them attractive which outclass the items from the rest of the gifts. Ribbon can be tied with the box for making them look more stylish. There unique presence can make your party gifts look the best as compared to the other gift on the treats table. You can pack items like shirts, trousers, ladies dresses and all flat items in them because they are spacious and suitable for risk free shipping as well.

Magnetic closure boxes for jewelry and ornaments

There is a range of products that comes in our mind when we talk about jewelry. Pendants, rings, bangles and anklets are all jewelry items used for gift giving. To pack them effectively cardboard boxes in hinged style are decorated with fancy embellishing add-ons to give them an elegant look. Also, rigid boxes with magnetic closure are used that have foam inserts inside them for a luxury look. These boxes are highly protective and used for luxury and expensive items. You can also customize them in different shapes and sizes.

Apart from these trends you can also customize boxes with your creative design ideas. For sports items, you can make creative game and Playing Card Boxes as small items can be easily decorated with few embellishments on them. For a gift shop owner, it is better to decorate the shop using these incredible gift box designs to get better outcome from the business.

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