Top 10 Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood, USA

Top 10 Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood, USA

2019-12-13 10:53:04

It has been said that watching a movie the easiest thing to do. You can disagree but when you compare it with a live movie shoot, the hard work that goes into the movie frames bit by bit, it cannot be denied that movie actors work very hard to get where they stand.

There are millions of people who struggle day and night to get a single break into the show biz but only the lucky few make it to the top and the industry and audience reward them equally well for the hard work and hardship that they put into it.

It is not a secret that US Hollywood star makes insane amounts of money and if they were like small stars on the small screens, they would be skimming off even millions of dollars.

10 Chris Evans

$34 Million

Chris Evans is well known for his superhero roles in Marvel movies. He appeared in Fantastic 4 as a human torch back in 2005 and in the sequel that followed. He also played Captain America in many other Marvel movies. Chris Evans is the top ten most highly paid male actor as he earns $34 million annually.

Will Smith

42 Million

Will Smith is a multitalented star and had showcased his work in films, television, and music. He has won several awards and had been called "the most powerful actor in Hollywood"by Newsweek. Besides being an actor, he is a media personality, a songwriter, producer, comedian, and a rapper. As he is near to his 50's, he is he 9th most highly paid actor in our list.

8 Tom Cruise

$43 Million

Tom Cruise is an action actor and he is also a renowned producer in Hollywood, well known for his movies like Top gun (1986) and the Mission Impossible series. Tom Cruise is 5’7” which sometimes puts in a position to stand on a custom box made to correlate his height with a costar as a memorable picture on a film shoot sceneshown below. At other accessions, he had to sit on tables during movie shots. Tom Cruise may be of short height or average compared to some of his costars but his bank account is surely very big. Tom Cruise makes up to 8 on our list.

7 Adam Sandler

50.5 Million

Besides being a prominent actor in Hollywood, Adam Sandler is an outstanding comedian, film producer, screenwriter, voice-over artist, and a musician. Born on September 9, 1966, at a very early age he discovered his talents as a comedian. He started from very little made up among the big boys of Hollywood.

6 Vin Diesel

Born on July 18, 1967, Vin Diesel's real name is Mark Sinclair. He is an actor, producer, director and a screenwriter known for his mega-hit movie series Fast and Furious. The movie has played a major role in his success and added piles of money in his bank account. Very few people know that Vin Diesel has a fraternal twin brother namedPaul Vincent.

5 Chris Hemsworth

$64.5 Million

Christopher Hemsworth is an Australian actor who had his first hit in an Australian TV series. He is probably most well known as playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Right now Chris Hemsworth is enjoying phenomenal success as an actor and there are no breaks to his career. He presently sits at $64.5 Million of yearly income.

4 Mark Wahlberg

$68 Million

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg has shown his talents as an actor, producer, model, rapper and songwriter. He also co-owns a fast food business that makes him a businessman also. The 47-year-old actor sustains yearly earnings of $68 million which gives him the 4th spot in our list of richest Hollywood actors.

3 Robert Downey Jr.

$81 Million

Robert is in his 50’s now but he had outstanding commercial success in his mid-age. The actor had been in the news for substance abuse and legal difficulties, having popular success in his early youth. His debut was at the age of 5 as a child star and he is more famously known as the Marvel superhero "Iron Man." And since his casting as Iron Man, he has never looked back as his account receives big chunks of paychecks.

2 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

$124 Million

Dwayne Johnson, also known as the "Rock" is an actor, producer and a partially retired freestyle professional wrestler. While getting trained as a football player in the early 90's he changed his training direction towards freestyle wrestling. As an actor, he sums up to $124 every year. He is known for many movies and is one of the busiest actors of Hollywood.

1 George Clooney

$239 Million 

Making his debut in 1978, the actor has an Irish, English and German ancestry. He is also an established filmmaker and businessman. The film career of George Clooney is a long list of movies as he rakes in 239 million dollars yearly till this day.

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