Tips to package bath bomb boxes effectively

Tips to package bath bomb boxes effectively

2020-06-16 08:51:16

Many bath bomb brands are ready to pay more for a premium packaging solution, which not only ensures visual appeal but also provides effective shipping. Your Bath bomb boxes must have well-designed packaging so it can reach retail stores or customer's door in a good condition. It will not be possible if you prefer money over the quality. If you are a small brand or have just started your business, you can still come up with a protective, fictional, and effectively designed packaging box for your product.

Designing bath bomb packaging is not less than a challenge. Custom packaging always helps you to win over the customer and benefits you with good sales profit. That’s why even simple brands are investing in the design of product boxes for ultimate customer experience and effective shipping solutions. The bath bomb packaging you choose plays a key role in the success of the business. Packaging has become the main purchase element for many customers.

Here is the list of some important factors that you need to consider for the designing of bath bomb packaging boxes.

What type of box do you need?

It is the first and most important part of the whole packaging design process. You can say that it forms the basis of further requirements. The box you will choose depends on two things; whether you need a packaging solution for the product display in the retail stores or you want the perfect solution for your online business.

Standard cardboard boxes for the retail stores

Standard cardboard boxes are an ideal solution when you want to make your impact in the retail. Retailers consider cardboard a premium way to package different goods. Cardboard boxes for bath bombs not only provide aesthetic appeal but also make sure that the product will have a longer shelf life. If you think cardboard can be dull and boring, there are many ways to allure customers with striking colors, bold typography, ad unique patterns. It depends on you and your packaging partner's creativity. Investing a little in the packaging design of the bath bomb box will benefit your brand in the long run.

Go premium for online merchandise

When it comes to shipping bath bombs to the customers, you cannot rely on the standard solutions. There is a lot more to consider for a good shipping experience. You need to make sure that custom boxes should not only provide protection but also make the packaging look visually appealing. Rigid bath bomb packaging is cost-effective, printable, and you can customize it in your way.

Choose the best structure and material

First of all, you need to research the relevant market to know what box size other brands are using for the same product. It will give you a good perspective of the packaging you need. The box you choose for your bath bombs should hold the product well without leaving too much or too little space. Another important thing to consider is the box structure. You have to carefully choose the box shape; it should not be odd otherwise retailers will face difficulty while stacking it on the shelves. To package a single bath bomb, a small square box will be the perfect option. When you want to package more than one or two bath bombs, it is best to use long and rectangular-shaped boxes for the good hold.

Last but not least is the packaging material, which has be to strong enough to provide the needed protection. For a bath bomb packaging solution, you will find a lot of options. Make sure the material you choose should suit your product needs and also allows for customization. Cardboard and Kraft can be good choices.

It’s time to customize the box

Here comes the most important part of designing the perfect packaging solution; customization. The visuals of the bath bomb boxes wholesale should be eye-catching enough to capture the customer's attention. A striking design with the right elements can click and influence shoppers to buy your product. The front of the box is the most important part. It is what customers see on the first interaction.

While choosing the design elements, remember that every element should perfectly complement your brand and product. Your box should have your brand logo and name to build brand recognition. Choose natural and subtle colors for bath bomb packaging box. Mentioning all the benefits, precaution, and other important details are necessary. Use the side of the boxes to provide all the information.

How to ship out the product properly?

When you have a well-designed box in your hand, it is time to ship the product to your loyal customers. It can be the most challenging part of the whole process. Choosing the right type of box with perfect shape, size, and structure is crucial to make shipping more efficient. Make sure that the material should be durable, so the product should not get in contact with outer factors. Don’t force too many bah bombs in a single box, always leave some space. If you think your products need extra protection, try using bubble wrap or shrink wrap to cover the product. Using custom cardboard inserts will also help to keep the product at the place.

Your bath bomb and Soap Boxes should not only be visually appealing but also functional to meet all the packaging requirements. A single mistake can cost you a lot in terms of returns and customer loyalty.

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