Tips to maximize packaging of cereal boxes

Tips to maximize packaging of cereal boxes

2020-03-26 12:23:31

Tips to maximize packaging of cereal boxes

In the food industry where your product quality matters to draw and retain customers, packaging also plays a major role in raising sales. When we talk about cereal packaging, you need to stand out on the shelves. Your cereal boxes should be visually appealing, provides protection and should help in branding. You need to maximize your packaging to get the best out of your product. Regardless of the industry, the product boxes have a major impact on the customer's purchase decision.

Here are some tips from our side to design the perfect packaging for your cereals

Make your boxes sturdy enough

Every brand wants to spend less on the packaging but it doesn’t mean to compromise over the quality of the material. Cereals can easily get spoiled when exposed to water, heat or moisture. So, it is crucial to choose high-quality packaging material for your boxes.

Cardboard is a commercial brand which most brands use of food packaging. It is highly durable and provides needed protection against outside factors. When it comes to the packaging, all you need to do is to provide maximum protection.

Choose a unique design relevant to your brand

One thing you need to focus on your product packaging is the design elements. Make sure that the imagery, color, and typography you choose for your boxes should match your brand image. Try to be unique with custom cereal box packaging but don't go over the board. At the same time, make sure that the design you choose should not have the same feel as your competitors. It will make customers recognize your brand's other products based on the packaging design. It is a kind of a free marketing tool for the business.

Include plastic window for visibility

Adding transparency is a great way to win the customer’s trust. Including a plastic cut-out window on the front or top will provide a clear idea of what you are selling. It will help customers to know what they are buying and they will more confident while making the purchase decision. The small cut-out on the front will give an elegant and unique product presentation. You can try some boxes with a window and some without it.  You can see a clear difference in your sales.

Always provide proper information

Of course, it is the most important part of the packaging design. Giving key information about your product is essential. Customers want to know every detail about the product before making the purchase. Including a brand, info is also important. Add your company name, logo and contact information.  Your boxes should have the product name, its benefits, any precautions, and why your product is better than other products. It will let customers know whether the product is for them or not. You should also consider adding a cooking recipe ad storage information.

Choose the packaging relevant to your product

You should choose or design the packaging relevant to your product. It will be stupidity to use round soap packaging ideas for your cosmetic products. Cereals come in different flavors and types. So, if you are selling cereals for kids, you should choose a design which excites children and their parents as well. Many people use cereals to lose weight, you should add CTAs and images which make customers pick your product from the shelves. You can use a different types of themes for different categories of your product.

Make your boxes easy to use

Customers love the packaging which is easy to use, handle, and stack. When it comes to food, user-friendly packaging is a must. Don't choose the size and shape which doesn't suit your product. Choose the box size according to your product dimensions. Moreover, in the desire of doing something unique, don't choose oddly shaped boxes. Design boxes that are easy to stack on the store’s shelves and in kitchen cabinets. The box should also be easy to open, close and reseal. You can make a strong impact on customers with a simple and minimal approach.

Invest in green packaging

Green packaging is the best approach that you can take for your cereals. Customers are willing to pay for the product packaged in eco-friendly boxes. So, don't miss the opportunity to make your sales high with nature-friendly cereal packaging. It is not just about making the sales; it is also your responsibility as a brand to play your role towards the earth. You will gain respect in the customer's eye and they will consider you as a responsible brand. Kraft is the perfect choice for eco-friendly packaging.

Hand-written notes increase retention

When it comes to making your customers feel special, there is no better option other than personalized packaging. If you are thinking of the high-cost, you don’t have to worry about it. We are not saying to design the packaging for every individual customer. You can enhance the customer experience by adding hand-written notes. Personalized notes with thank you, special greetings, discount offers and promo code are the easiest way to gain customer's loyalty for a lifetime.

There are a lot of things that count in for perfect product packaging. Above are some basics of designing cereal packaging which makes you stand out and help to retain customers. You can apply the tips to other products like soap packaging, cosmetic boxes, and retail packaging solutions. It all depends on how you get creative with the design elements.

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