Tips to Ensure Safe Shipping with Custom Cardboard Packaging

Tips to Ensure Safe Shipping with Custom Cardboard Packaging

2019-12-12 05:36:37

Nowadays, you can buy anything from online stores as it provides numerous advantages. The main reason is that people can buy anything online even if it is not available in their country. But the common issue which most customers face is bad shipping experience. In online business, you can give your brand affordable price, best customer service, and memorable experience but it’s the shipping which has ultimate importance. If you are in the business of Custom cardboard packaging and delver low-quality boxes, it will only give you unhappy customers.

Customers care about the shipping process and want their product in intact form. So, brands should put their full effort in making the whole shipping experience unforgettable. Businesses should realize the various issues which can happen in the shipment process. There are different packaging and shipping options available. You know your product well and should make the final decision based on your product needs. Cardboard boxes are the standard shipping containers as it is the most sturdy and durable option. Most of the brands also use cardboard for mailer and subscription boxes.

Using cardboard boxes is not a guarantee that your product remains secure until it reaches is the final destination. So, if you are opting for cardboard shipping boxes, here are few steps to ensure the safest shipping to your customers.

Choose the right size

The size of your product is an important factor to choose the packaging box.  While choosing the cardboard box, take it in consideration that your product should perfectly fit in the box without leaving any void space. Small product in a large box will keep on banging around and thus increase the risk of damaged products.

Opt for inner packaging

Another important factor of the shipping process is the packaging which you will need inside the box. The sturdiness of the packaging can be measured by how well it is packed for delivery. A fragile product packed in a durable cardboard box will require less padding. You can use bubble wrap, shredded cardboard, packaging peanuts and other materials for providing inner security.

Consider your product

Think about your product. How fragile is it?? What’s the product type and what is its type?? The product type helps to determine the shipping method. It will let you know whether you need padding as inner packaging or need more durable cardboard box with extra layers. If your packaging box is strong and sturdy, you can ship the product in the same box.

Pack it correctly

Not only the sturdiness of the cardboard packaging box is important but how you pack the product is also vital. The packaging is not just putting the product in the box. First of all, choose the box size according to the dimensions of the product. Secondly, don’t leave any empty space or fill it with inner packaging material.

Take necessary precautions

After enclosing the product in the cardboard packaging box, secure the box with a custom packaging tape. The box which is not properly sealed can make the product fall out of the box during shipping or stacking process. That’s why you should opt for cardboard boxes as the flaps ensure the proper sealing.

Do a test

Once you have a cardboard box which meets your requirement, it’s time to do a trial run. Test it in every possible way to eliminate the risk of any damage. Work with a packaging manufacturer who provides short-run packaging. When you feel confident about the packaging, deliver a few boxes to your clients and in retail stores.

candle packaging boxes wholesale is one of the best solutions to deliver your products. You should follow the above guide to make your shipping process more safe and secure. But sometimes you need expert advice to avoid any mishap. Get in contact with custom packaging pro to meet your specific needs regarding shipment and delivery process.

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