Tips to Design Great Chinese Food Boxes

Tips to Design Great Chinese Food Boxes

2019-12-12 05:58:04

The main function of the food packaging is to protect the food but its one more primary function is to attract the customers. It is usually said that “packaging sells the product” like Kraft pillow boxes help to sell different products. But in the food industry, high-quality food in high-quality packaging works to boost sales. It means you cannot solely depend on the food or packaging to be successful.

Restaurant, hotel and food retailers know the importance of food packaging to deliver fresh food. There are different types of food packaging available like plastic containers, aluminum food boxes, and poly boxes. But if you want to provide high-quality plus and want to impress customers at the same time, Chinese food takeout boxes are the perfect choice for your brand.

Chinese takeout boxes are unique food packaging to pack several food items. Most food outlets use these boxes for delivery purposes and to pack the left-over foods to customers. The biggest advantage of takeout boxes is that it keeps your food fresh, hot and provides security. Apart from protection, its unique shape and design attract customers. These boxes also help your food brand to stand out. So, it is crucial to design Chinese food packaging perfectly.

Here are some tips and tricks from packaging experts to design food packaging in an alluring way

Maximize your brand identity

If you think only high-quality food is enough to promote and market your business, you are wrong. Presentation and packaging matter a lot especially if you are in a food delivery business. With the help of Chinese takeout packaging, you can maximize brand visibility and exposure.

When you deliver fresh food in takeout boxes, customers will recommend you to their friends. Moreover, these boxes are easy to carry around because of the handle on the top. In this way, your food boxes will get maximum exposure and visibility. So, it is important to put your logo and brand name on the Chinese food packaging.

Choose material wisely for takeout boxes

Chinese food containers are available in different materials in the market. Cardboard, corrugated, Kraft and paperboard are some of the best choices for takeout packaging. You can choose the best option according to your needs and requirements.

One more element you should consider is the green packaging. Opt for material which is strong, cost-effective and eco-friendly. The food boxes should be durable enough to store the food and you can refrigerate or microwave the food in these boxes.

What are the cost key drivers?

It is important to estimate your cost and budget before starting the design process. Consider what the cost key drivers are in the whole process. Material, design cost, printing, production, and labor can affect your packaging budget. There are many packaging companies which offer affordable and cheap Chinese food takeout boxes. You can get ready-made boxes or can customize them according to your choices.

Is your packaging meeting the goal of functionality?

Customer’s experience with your food packaging matters a lot in brand success. Chinese food packaging meets the goal of form and function if designed correctly. Your food packaging should meet the four primary functions. Chinese takeout boxes should fulfill the following goals.

  • It should protect the food during transportation, handling, and delivery process.
  • It should reduce the risk of food spoilage and contamination.
  • It should maintain the quality and keeps its fresh taste.
  • It should market and promote your brand.

You should choose high-quality material for takeout boxes to achieve the above goals.

The packaging is an investment if you did it correctly. Do your proper research and follow the above tips to design the Chinese food box perfectly. If you need expert advice or any kind of help, contact custom packaging pro. We always try to provide the perfect solution to your packaging need.

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