Tips to choose the right font for custom soap boxes

Tips to choose the right font for custom soap boxes

2019-12-12 10:38:17

Typography on the packaging has different purposes purpose; to tell the product and brand story, to communicate with customers and to provide clear information. While designing the packaging, you must choose your typeface carefully. It can greatly affect how your customers communicate with your product. Like in the soap business, you need to tell your customers about the benefits of the products and its unique feature. When we talk about soap boxes, you should choose a unique and easy font to engage customers.

Information on product boxes should be clear and simple. Fonts and colorscan drive customers to your product. But if it is bad, it can also drive them away. No matter you are working from start or redoing it or just updating the soap packaging design, the font choice must be right. It makes your text easy to read and understand which ultimately adds more appeal to your packaging design. Follow the below-listed tips to font out which typeface can work best for you.

Know your brand personality

To choose the right font for your soap containers, the first step is to know your brand personality. Your brand has a strong association with the product packaging. Color scheme, font style, and logo design come together to design a brand personality. It is what customers will relate to and will remember. If you haven’t yet decided the features for your brand, take some time to think about it. Once you have defined the personality, you will be ready to enter the work of typeface. 

Understand the unique feature of each font

If you are doing the task of choosing fonts for the first time, it can be challenging. You have to do your search to know the unique features of some basic fonts. It is also known as font psychology. So, to make the right choice, it is crucial to study each font style. Some of the basic font’s classifications are mentioned below

  • Serif: Classic and traditional
  • Sans-serif: Modern and clean
  • Handwritten: Artistic and informative
  • Decorative: Exclusive and  stylized
  • Slabserif: Bold and confident
  • Script: Elegant and unique

Know your budget and other requirements

One of the most important steps is to source your fonts. You should think about it before time. You can get many fonts for free. But to get the entire features, you have to pay some amount. Some libraries provide you access to fonts but they are too costly. The fees also change every year. Whether you opt for free or a paid option, the choice is yours. But it also depends where you want to use the typography. 

It should meet the basic requirements

There are three basic requirements for choosing the font for packaging. Once you have made your decision. It is time for a final check. If the font style meets the below requirements it's all good for you

It must be flexible

The font should not only work for packaging but also different mediums. You should maintain the same font for your sites, social media and mobile app.

It should be available in different font-weight

To build a strong text hierarchy, it is important to print the text in various font weights. Some of the options are regular, bold, light and semisolid.

It should be clean and easy to read

The most important feature is the typography should be legible. Customers should not find it hard to read the text from packaging boxes. It should simple, clear and clean.

If you follow our guide, it can help you to make the best choice for your packaging. Right font style can make a difference for your product especially when it comes to custom retail packaging. If you can’t make a choice yourself, contact custom packaging pro. Our expert will give you the best advice which ultimately meets your needs.

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