Tips to choose the best Custom shipping boxes wholesale

Tips to choose the best Custom shipping boxes wholesale

2019-12-13 10:32:45

In an e-commerce business, shipping can be a turning point of your brand. If you do not package your custom shipping boxes wholesale properly then customers may not return for your products in the future. A little inconvenience like dull packaging or broken parcel can make you lose your loyal customers. You can avoid these mishaps with different ways but the best oneis to use custom boxes for shipping.

There is a wide variety of different shipping boxes available according to the productrequirements. Shipping boxes are available in varioussizes and shapes. It helps you to make the right choice according to the requirements of your product. For shipping purpose, you need outer packaging as well as inner packaging. If you have to deliver a fragile item you can use a lot of bubble wrap and for a heavy product, packaging peanut is the best option. It benefits you as it improves your bottom line.

Delivering packaging without any damage or riskis the aim ofevery online brand. Nobody wants to disappoint their customers with bad shipping experience. Custom packaging pro are generally made of cardboard,corrugated and paperboard. No matter if you deliver internationally or within your country, these boxes ensures safe delivery. Make your Custom packaging boxes less vulnerable to risk during the shipping process. If it happens, it can lower your sales and profit.

Read on to get some useful information on custom shipping boxes

What are different types of shipping boxes wholesale?

When it comes to choosing the best type of shipment boxes, there are plenty of options available. You have to make the right choice by keeping a few things in mind. What is your product? How much distance will your box covers? Do you need any extra packaging?

Here are some of the popular shipping boxes

Cardboard boxes:  It is the most popular choice for shipment and delivery. Cardboard boxes are economically cheap and ensure safe delivery. Moreover, these boxes are sturdy and can withstand the weight of heavy products. Cardboard boxes are also eco-friend and reusablepackaging.You can also customize these boxes easily and cheaply.

Paperboard boxes: Another most used box for delivery of products is the paperboard boxes. Chip cardboard is used in the manufacturing of these boxes. Paperboard boxes usually come in white and brown color. You can use them for lightweight items like jewelry, gift or medicines.

Corrugated boxes: Corrugated isa very sturdy material and can bare the moderate weight of the products. The layers of corrugated provide the cushioning. These boxes are generally used for long distance shipment. You can buy these boxes in different sizes and styles. Like cardboard boxes, corrugated also take printing and designing well.

Other options are also availablefor your custom shippingboxes wholesale. In the end, you know our requirements and product better.

How can you choose the best shipment package for your products?

To ensure the delivery without any damage and risk, you have to choose the best custom shipment box.  In order to choose the best shipping box, here are some tips to follow.

Type of your product

Type of the box totally depends on the type of product you want to deliver.  For example, if you are shipping the fragile item you will need a sturdy box with inner packaging. For small products, you can use small boxes.

Weight of your packaging

If you are opting for a lightweight box for your heavyweight products, you are inviting a major failure to your business. To deliver heavy items, choosehard cardboard or corrugated boxes. Don’t risk any damage by making the wrong choice.

Consider the size of your packaging

What is your product size? This question matters a lot todetermine the right shipment packaging. Do not force a big item in a small box; it only damages the box and the product as well. For a small item don’t use a big box, the product can be damaged by banging around the box. In both situations, the result is customer’s disappointment.

Choose the right box

As much as a high-qualityproduct matters, the quality of the box alsoplays a hugerole. Don’t opt for a low-quality box to save some bucks. It can cost you in the long run. High-quality custom shipping boxes wholesale will make your image as a reputed brand.

Wrap it well

If you are shipping delicate items like jewelry, watches or glass items, you should go for inner packaging. Wrap your product well before putting it in the box. You can use bubble wrap or packaging paper for this purpose.

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