Tips for material selection in die cut boxes

Tips for material selection in die cut boxes

2020-06-25 08:58:33

If you have never experience the process of ordering custom boxes online then you must observe and learn the method of ordering before moving further. Selecting the material for the packaging boxes can be hectic when you do not have the idea what benefits you want to achieve with your boxes. Depending on your business and product, it is necessary to understand whether you want to get packaging just for branding and marketing or you also want to ship your products in it. If the purpose is only to make colorful boxes and attract more customers then only simple die cut boxes with printed logo and attractive design would be enough. On the other hand if your product needs eco-friendly packaging then the material should be selected very carefully.

Cardboard material for gifts, retail and cosmetic packaging

Cardboard is widely used in the making of custom packaging. When cardboard boxes are die cut and customized to the needs of the customers, manufactures get ready to pay generously for it. This is because companies or manufacturers get a lot of benefits like marketing, branding, product protection and increased sales. Even after spending too much on direct marketing, they fail to achieve their desired goals. Hence the return on investment on cardboard boxes is way better than any other marketing tactics. This is because cardboard shows the best printing results as compared to any other packaging material which in result help in producing better results than expectation.

Industries like cosmetics and retail can never survive without cardboard packaging because it is the cheapest and most reliable way to display and store products. Cosmetic products can be packed stylishly and can be shipped using boxes made of cardboard. Also, in the shops that sell gift items, we see decorative cardboard boxes that are already made and you can easily pack your product in them to increase the value of your gifts. Plus, the ability to customization also urge different manufacturers to make personalized packaging for their item. Hence if you are a cosmetic product manufacturer or want to sell your retail products then cardboard material is the best option.

Rigid material for pens, perfumes and business gift packaging

If your product is very elegant and expensive then its packaging must also be very attractive and eye catching. In order to make spectacular boxes for your product, rigid boxes are perfect because they look elegant, heavy in weight and are non-bendable. All of these features of the rigid material makes them suitable for shaving kits packaging, perfumes and other fancy items. Therefore the manufacturers who make business gifts like shields, books, and photo frames opt for rigid boxes because of their unique feel. Other than that, apparel, cosmetic and stationery industry use these boxes to give a classic touch to their ordinary products.

When we talk about the gift items like pens, perfumes and makeup kits all of them are popular gift items and are expensive as well. So the manufacturers always compliment their product by giving it a more classic packaging using rigid boxes. There are different style of rigid boxes that are used for gift items including two piece style, hinged style and sleeve style boxes. All of these boxes require special techniques and machinery to process and print and that is why they are a little expensive other than Kraft and cardboard boxes.

Kraft material for food, bakery and jewelry products

Kraft material is now getting popularity among the industries that need eco-friendly packaging for their products. Boxes that are made from Kraft material are recyclable and do not harm the nature at all. In fact they help in reducing the land waste problem the world is facing now. These boxes are very light weight and comes in brown and white color only as it is their original color and customers notice that while buying product that has Kraft packaging.

Baked items like donuts, pastries and cakes are all packed inside white boxes made from Kraft material. They can be printed and customized according to the purpose of use. Die cut window is very common on the bakery boxes as people can see and develop more craving for the product packed inside. Gable boxes with inserts and die cut window is also very eye-catching and famous for bakery products packaging. Especially when it is about the packaging of cupcakes, these boxes can help a lot in making the products stand out in the bakery.

When it comes to food and bakery product packaging, it becomes very difficult to make packaging that would not harm the taste and freshness of the baked items. Kraft made packaging made it simple for the food and beverage industry and it provides all the benefits a customer look for. Kraft material is considered as natural and that is why companies use this to gain customers trust on their product. Plus, the recycling of the boxes make them perfect to save the world from land waste issues. Due to their attractive and simple brown color, people use Kraft boxes to display jewelry as well because they are lightweight and people feel good when they pick their favorite jewelry items from the display.

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