Things You Should Know About Sleeve Boxes

Things You Should Know About Sleeve Boxes

2020-10-20 07:11:58

Brands are always in search of innovative and unique ideas to promote their business. Sometimes they experiment with the price, sometimes with the product, and sometimes it is the location on the aisles. But have you ever tried experimenting with the product packaging to see a difference in your sales and profits? A well-designed and unique packaging not only attracts the right attention but also boosts up the sales. Custom Sleeve Boxes are one of the most popular and ultimate solutions to cater to all the needs. Using a custom sleeve box provide several benefits to your business.

Unlimited benefits of sleeve packaging

When you want to maximize the business potential and increase the customer base, the best way to do it a custom sleeve box. From product safety to the protection, it serves a lot of purposes.

Ensures the product protection

When it comes to providing the ultimate product protection, a custom sleeve box is a reliable choice. These boxes usually come with a bottom tray and a sleeve. The bottom holds the product effortlessly, and the upper lid keeps it from banging around. The packaging comes in cardboard, corrugated, and paperboard. All the options add strength to the design and ensure safe delivery.

Maximize branding and marketing opportunities

Custom sleeve packaging with a logo can help in brand identification, recognition, and higher recall. No marketing channel can provide you as much exposure as a unique sleeve box. Make the unboxing experience exceptional for the customers and see how things will work in your favor. You can add your brand social media handle on the packages to encourage sharing and to ask for customer's feedback. Social media has the power to make anyone popular with a viral post or video.

Enhance the visual appeal of the product

When we visit a retail store, the first thing which captures attention is the product packaged in an appealing packaging, and that's what you need to draw ideal customers. A custom sleeve box, when designed with colors, fonts, graphics, and imagery enhances the aesthetic appeal. Sleeve packaging with a transparent window not only increases customer interest in the product but also gives them the confidence to buy the product. Get the help of an expert to get a professionally designed box.

Types of sleeve containers available

Custom sleeve packaging is a unique way to present your product in the market. It enhances customer perception and influences them to purchase the product. There are different types of sleeve containers available to meet customer’s demand.

Apparel sleeve box

The sleeve box serves well as the apparel packaging. It is not just for clothing, but you can pack multiple products in it as well. These boxes come with a tray that holds the product and an upper sleeve for a safe enclosure. These are an ideal choice for shirts, ties, and other clothing items. You can have the apparel sleeve box in any custom size and shape. Well-designed apparel packaging can help to grab the customer’s attention.

Gift sleeve box

A good thing about the sleeve packaging is that you can reuse it and present it as a gift box. These boxes usually come in customized design and appealing colors that make them suitable for gift giving. You can add ribbons and bows to enhance the appeal. It is a cost-effective and unique way to ruse the old containers.

Die-cut sleeve box

Die-cut packaging always appeals to customers because you can have it in different shapes and cut-outs. The best example of die-cut packaging is a custom box with a transparent window. You can have sleeve packaging boxes with a plastic window to know customers what they are purchasing. It is not necessary to have a window cut-out; it can be in the shape of your logo or brand name. It is your choice what type of cut-outs you prefer.

Kraft sleeve box

Kraft is one of the best materials used in the manufacturing of a sleeve box. It is a fully recyclable and reusable solution. One of the best things about Kraft sleeve is that it is cost-efficient and affordable for small businesses. Kraft sleeve box usually comes in smaller sizes, but you can have them in large size as well.  Brands prefer Kraft sleeve packaging over other solutions as it meets the need for a sustainable solution.

Whether you are designing Soap Boxes or bath bombs, a sleeve packaging box is an ideal solution no matter what the product is. It complements your product well and enhances the visual appeal.

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