The Wondrous Kraft Packaging

The Wondrous Kraft Packaging

2020-10-07 07:45:33

It is a well-known fact that environmental issues are on the rise day after day. The mass amounts of papers that are used for writing are mostly thrown into wastes. Think about it for a second. Regular papers that we use in the offices are ordered in bundles and rarely these papers are used again once they have been soiled. For making paper, a million trees are cut down every year. It takes decades for a plant to grow into a magnificent tree, and it takes seconds to turn these trees into paper. We need to think about our priorities and adopt environmental-friendly options like Kraft Packaging.

What is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper is a by-product of the natural pulp of the tree. It is considered a more environmentally friendly option because it uses to transform wood pulp into a more refined substance by reacting with non-toxic chemicals. The end product is a reliable and last longing paper that has a versatile number of uses. Kraft paper has been around for decades, but due to lack of awareness, people are not familiar with this environmental friendly by-product. Kraft paper has many advantages over the ordinary paper, and it is gaining more popularity with the help of environmentally conscious businesses and activists.  When the boxes are made from the Kraft stock, they have the property to be recycled easily which increases their demand in the industries like food and beverages. They are perfect to be used for the packaging of retail food like coffee, tea, cereals and other edibles. The boxes can also be decorated for the gift packaging and various add-ons can be added on them. Kraft bags are also very common that are used for shopping and other purposes. Hence, there is a lot more benefits than a person can imagine.

The History of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper’s inventor Carl F. Dahl was a German industrial worker. He managed to get a patent on his invention in the USA. The first factory of Kraft paper started operations in the 1890s. This new method of paper production took the commercial paper industry by a storm. Kraft paper has been used in the times of war multiple times. Many great messages about proceeding or withdrawing from the battlefields have been written on the Kraft paper. Kraft paper is not only crucial for the environment, but it also has a rich history. Kraft papers are making slow but steady progress again in various work stations and factories. However, other environmentally friendly practices like recycling and lesser use of paper are also precious contributions.

How is Kraft Paper made?

Kraft papers are made converting the wood into the useable wood pulp with the help of industrial chemicals. Wood, in its natural form, does not have the quality of the paper. The only substance that is great for making paper in the wood is cellulose. Kraft paper manufacturers often use inorganic chemicals like salts of sulfur to help the other useless compounds in the woods to discard them. When the wood is processed through these chemicals, it becomes a more paper friendly substance called the wood pulp. This pulp then moves forward into different stages to become a clean and dry sheet of paper for use in daily life. The combinations of chemicals that are for turning the ordinary wood into wood pulp are called White Liquor. These inorganic chemicals are the leftover by-products of many industrial manufacturing processes. The production of Kraft paper is a great way to reuse these chemicals and reducing the carbon footprint of many industries.

The benefits of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a popular substitute of the regular clear white paper. The reason behind its popularity is that it has many uses. From daily life to bug corporations, everyone uses Kraft paper in their unique manner and enjoy a better, healthier, and more robust alternate of the regular paper. Many industries are determined to discard the use of paper altogether with the use of digital technology. However, in many fields, the paper is a much better option than plastic. For example, in super marker, consumers are switching to the plastic bags into paper bags. Plastic takes almost a century before compost. Whereas paper takes lesser time and doesn’t become a source of pollution in seas and forests. It is, therefore, sometime before we can discard the use of paper entirely from our daily lives. In the meantime, we are clinging to the products and procedure that cannot eliminate but reduce environmental pollution. Here are some of the best advantages of the Kraft Paper Industry:

  1. It is stronger than the typical white paper and ideal for packaging.
  2. It is more sustainable technology in comparison to traditional paper methods.
  3. It is also useful for making boxes for carrying more massive objects.
  4. It has a history of usage in the battlefield due to its tough exterior.
  5. It is excellent for small kids when they are learning to write because it is not easy to tear.
  6. It has become a sensation in the Custom Packaging industry due to its blank canvas outlook.
  7. It is excellent for making legal archives because it does not whiter from the dust becomes tanned from old age.
  8. It is an excellent material for use in envelopes and gift wrapping both in a personal and commercial capacity.

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