The Types of Kraft Cardboard Boxes for Your Packaging Needs

The Types of Kraft Cardboard Boxes for Your Packaging Needs

2019-12-11 10:37:02

Today, you get different type of cardboard boxes for different types of products. Know that this factor is highly essential that you choose a box that is in accordance to your product because that way you’re sending out a clear message to the customers about being a serious brand looking for serious regulars.

The cardboard kraft boxes serve different purposes other than just packaging. They are used for shipping, packaging and gifting too.

However, brands should know that they are supposed to use a box that will best serve their product, keep it protected from any damage and be the best in shape and size to make the item more appealing.

We have lined up a few shapes that are ideal for different products. Let’s have a look at these;

Sliding Drawer Style

These boxes, when have nothing inside are shipped flat. They are also fold-able. This style is one of the most common one used when it comes to Kraft.

The box consists of sliding drawers and paper sleeves. Both of these can easily be folded by using a kraft paper.

However, the sleeve is mainly made out of plastic. The sleeves can be bought by manufacturers in a number of colors, shapes and sizes.

Counter Display Style

If you pay attention, you will find this style in almost every store. From small convenient stores, decoration places, cosmetics to the grocery stores at the corner of your street, these counter-tops are seen in all and readily available there too for use.

The main benefit of these boxes is to get the customers to be appealed and attracted to your products. This is the way approach to customer’s impulsive buying.

Even when you enter the huge, multi-national branded stores, you will find these styled boxes at the reception. They are meant there for advertisement purposes.

The best thing about the style is it doesn’t take up a lot of space. That is why it’s popular with both the sellers as well as customers.

Apparel and Shoe Package Style

Now if we take a look at some of the most popular shoe and clothing brands, there too you will find these style of boxes used for packaging either shoes or attires.

The kraft cases for highly popular for packing shirts, pants, and suits when it comes to clothing stores. Similarly, the shoe stores highly demand the boxes for packing their products in.

The best thing about the cases is, they can be customized to any size and shape catering to the different requirements of attire like socks, shirts, ties, pants etc. Moreover, when brands are looking forward to selling un-stitched fabric that is seamless and appealing, the boxes add an extra touch of attraction to it.

For tailors, they can use boxes that don’t have any tops. They can showcase their tailoring items in the box. To make the cases for appealing, they can attach a ribbon or sticker to it.

Cosmetic and Jewelry Style

When it comes to jewelry, they are small and delicate. Therefore, these require small and delicate boxes to beautifully place to items in.

For the purpose of making the boxes even more appealing, brands can place a bed of soft cotton, or cloth to put the jewelry on. The sliding boxes look really appealing for such items. You slide open the case and there pops out the elegantly placed piece of jewel.

Similarly, when it comes to cosmetics, the boxes need to be in perfect shape and size of the product. Moreover, they should be strong enough to protect the product inside. The cosmetic products can be delicate, therefore the lipstick, foundation, concealer, eye-liner, mascara packaging etc. should be durable enough to maintain their integrity.

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